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I'm always impressed by the depth of knowledge our customers have about the Novell products they administer each day. By knowing all the ins and outs of our solutions, customers apply them in creative ways to drive better IT performance while reducing cost, complexity and risk. But with several customers and partners I've spoken with recently, when our discussions ranged beyond their particular product set, they were surprised to hear about many of the new technologies and business initiatives Novell now offers.

Understandably so. They are busy people who often work at a frenetic pace and are always under pressure to maintain smooth IT operations. And they get barraged with news and information every day. So keeping tabs on vendors sometimes slips down on their to-do lists.

With most of 2007 still ahead, now is a perfect time for you to take a closer look at Novell innovations, and think about the possibilities these present for your Open Enterprise. Here are some of our top items you should consider.

The big news from our Open Platform Solutions team is the continued adoption of the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform. As the industry leader in Linux-based Xen virtualization, we have many customers already deploying Xen on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in their data centers. On the end-user front, Novell just announced that European auto maker Peugeot CitroŽn will be deploying 20,000 seats of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop along with 2,500 SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers. We are also seeing significant customer traction from our partnership with Microsoft. To date, more than 35,000 new SUSE Linux Enterprise Server subscriptions have been activated under the agreement at companies such as Wal-Mart, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and AIG Technologies.

Our Workgroup team is launching two new offerings at BrainShare. The first is Novell Open Enterprise Server 2. New features in this network services workhorse include full 64-bit support, enhanced virtualization, dynamic storage technology, Windows Sever access and more. Read about all the new features of this great product in Sneak Peek. Second is an exciting new generation of collaboration tools that extend the Novell Open Workgroup Suite. Read Birds of a Feather to learn more about how Novell Teaming +Conferencing can boost workgroup productivity with cutting-edge collaboration and messaging technologies.

Our Identity and Security Management team is also in the spotlight with compelling new solutions. Sentinel Version 6 adds correlation and incident management workflow capabilities, Chinese and Japanese language coverage and broadened platform support. The team's other major achievement is Identity Manager 3.5, which includes improved role management for easier regulatory compliance, and advanced integration features for faster and more repeatable deployments.

Not to be outdone, our Systems and Resource Management team brings to the table a major new release of our ZENworks product family. This latest release gives you integrated tools that let you easily manage and troubleshoot all your desktop devices using the choice of platform—Linux or Windows. Rearchitected from the ground up and featuring new interfaces, wizards and streamlined tasks, it's a great choice for new desktop management customers and for those migrating to Windows Vista. ZENworks makes it easier than ever for organizations to get big productivity gains from automated desktop device management.

I'm excited about these innovations because each one resulted from us listening to your needs. We encourage you to look beyond the Novell products you already know so well. Consider how the new and different pieces of our open platform and enterprise management suite could improve your IT operations, and in doing so, allow you to focus on business innovation and growth.

Rediscover Novell and our infrastructure for innovation. We're certain that you'll find something here that will make a real difference in your organization—and in your career. Make it Your Open Enterprise. Make it Novell.

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