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We recently wrapped up a tremendously successful BrainShare conference in Salt Lake City. There was real excitement throughout the entire show among attendees. Their enthusiasm built during the week as they saw firsthand many examples of the progress we're making in executing our corporate strategy. BrainShare 2007 clearly demonstrated to our customers, partners, employees and others how our strength and focus is driving momentum in our markets and delivering real value for our customers.

To give context to the announcements about new products and business initiatives, we kicked off the week by once again stating—and reaffirming our commitment to—our corporate strategy. We reminded the audience that Novell's emphasis is two-fold. First, we are driving enterprise-wide adoption of Linux from desktop to data center. Second, we are giving you the security and systems management tools you need to operate and integrate mixed-source environments more effectively.

The opening general session highlighted some exciting announcements and great videos. Then we gave 350+ sessions and had several activities. For those of you who couldn't attend, here are some highlights. (Check out our spoofs of the Mac/PC ads and other BrainShare videos on

On the Linux front, we announced the public beta of Service Pack 1 for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and also the new SUSE Linux Enterprise Thin Client. Service Pack 1 adds terrific new capabilities to SUSE Linux Enterprise in virtualization, high-performance computing, security, interoperability and system management. SUSE Linux Enterprise Thin Client matches up to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop with an image-creation tool kit that channel partners can use to provide finished thin-client solutions to customers.

We also announced the open beta of Novell Open Enterprise Server 2, which provides Novell workgroup services on SUSE Linux Enterprise. It helps you long-time customers maintain your investment in Novell technologies through virtualization of NetWare on Linux. In addition, we unveiled Novell Teaming and Novell Teaming + Conferencing. These new real-time collaboration solutions complement GroupWise and the Open Workgroup Suite and make it easier for people to create, share and manage information.

We announced several major developments to help secure and manage your mixed environments: 1. the new Identity Manager 3.5, adding tighter integration with authentication, single sign-on and event management solutions. We also delivered Sentinel 6.0 letting you monitor your network in real time, identify and remediate security incidents, and document regulatory compliance. For systems management, our new Novell ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management gives you powerful options for managing enterprise Linux with unique support for both SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It also includes policy-based full lifecycle management to help you deploy, manage and maintain your Linux resources.

I also want to thank the Microsoft team and Craig Mundie, Microsoft's chief researcher and strategy officer, for participating in and supporting the event. We are firmly committed to working together with Microsoft to meet your needs for more platform interoperability and choice. So looking back at another great BrainShare, the key take-away is that all of our new products, services and business initiatives align with our overall corporate strategy. Our announcements and new products are proof positive that we are making great strides toward reaching our goals, and more important, serving your agenda. We're helping you leverage the power of Linux and open source software throughout your enterprises. We're also providing you with tools that enable better and more secure management of your mixed-source environments.

With strength and focus, we are gaining momentum by helping you reduce cost, complexity and risk in your IT environments. This obviously makes you happy because it lets you spend more time focusing on what really matters to you—innovation and growth of your core businesses. If you have thoughts or observations about BrainShare or any of the articles in this issue, we'd love to hear them. Please e-mail them to

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