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For its global IT team to be effective, JohnsonDiversey needed a consistent identity management solution for its worldwide workforce, as well as centralized desktop management. Novell solutions help the company centrally manage user identities and assets in a cost effective manner.

> Overview
With sales in more than 140 countries, JohnsonDiversey is a leading global provider of cleaning and hygiene solutions to the institutional and industrial marketplace, serving customers in the lodging, food service, retail, healthcare, food and beverage sectors as well as building service contractors worldwide.

> Challenge
For JohnsonDiversey, managing a mobile workforce is a big challenge, particularly with 10,000 employees in more than a hundred locations throughout the world. Each of the company's applications had a separate user database, making it difficult for IT personnel to maintain accurate data and assign user IDs. The company needed a centralized identity management solution to reduce the increasing costs associated with user administration.

Many of the company's locations lack IT staff to distribute applications and perform regular desktop maintenance. Administration costs were skyrocketing as the company had to send CDs to each office and hire local IT contractors to visit individual workstations. Standardizing its workstations would allow a centralized IT staff to manage its entire environment from a single location.

> Solution
Based on its need for a scalable global directory, JohnsonDiversey selected a Novell identity management solution based on Novell eDirectory and Novell Identity Manager.

"We had some experience with Novell eDirectory and knew we could deploy it globally with confidence," said Renee Turco, manager of Desktop Technology, Global IT at JohnsonDiversey. "It is one of the only products in the industry that would work across hundreds of applications on multiple platforms."

JohnsonDiversey now uses Novell eDirectory as its authoritative source of user identity information and can create standard user IDs across each region. Using Novell Identity Manager, the company can synchronize user identities across applications to reduce the need for manual account creation and updating. Consistent identity management has improved information sharing across regions and helps a centralized IT staff maintain accurate user identity information.

"With Novell, we now have a single ID for our users and have greater confidence in the accuracy of our data," said Richard Strong, director of Global IT at JohnsonDiversey. "Having a standard process for provisioning and deprovisioning users has not only simplified administration, but has also greatly increased data security and improved our ability to comply with regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley."

With Novell ZENworks, JohnsonDiversey has extended identity management to its desktops to more efficiently manage and maintain its enterprise.

"We evaluated other products, but we needed identity-based desktop management and no other vendor can provide that," said Turco. "Novell ZENworks also scales better than anything else which is critical for our global enterprise."

JohnsonDiversey uses Novell ZENworks to distribute applications and updates to dispersed users in days, rather than weeks or months, and without having to send CDs to each location. The company can also distribute critical software patches much faster to protect its network.

The company's centralized helpdesk uses the remote control features of Novell ZENworks to quickly resolve issues for a user, regardless of location. Users are no longer frustrated by having to wait for a technician to visit their workstation.

"Novell ZENworks Asset Management dramatically improved our ability to maintain an accurate inventory of our workstations," said Turco. "Users are unaware that it is even running and the data reporting capabilities are remarkable."

Without a dedicated internal IT staff to focus on identity and desktop management, JohnsonDiversey hired Novell Consulting to design and implement the solution, based on a broad skill set and best practices from multiple environments.

"We could not have completed such an ambitious, global project without Novell Consulting," said David Teichen, senior project manager in Global IT at JohnsonDiversey. "They did an excellent job helping us see the vision of the project and doing it all with a disciplined approach. It really helps to have another set of eyes looking out for our business."

> Results
With Novell Identity Manager and Novell ZENworks, JohnsonDiversey's centralized IT staff can now manage a worldwide enterprise, helping the company reduce administration costs. A central source of user identity information has improved data accuracy and security, as well as compliance with regulatory requirements.

Novell ZENworks has eliminated the need to hire additional IT resources in a variety of regions and has significantly reduced travel time and costs. Using the remote control features of ZENworks, the helpdesk can now resolve user issues much faster.

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