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Building a Stronger Connection - Q4 2007

This issue marks the beginning of a major transformation for Novell Connection magazine, because it’s the last time we will publish a print edition. From now on, our editorial staff will focus all of its time, attention and resources on creating an expanded, enhanced online version of the magazine.

Why are we making this change? The answer starts with all of you. As Novell Connection readers, you’ve told us you prefer the immediacy and relevance of online content—especially in the context of our fast-moving and ever-changing industry. You’ve also told us that you would like a more interactive and “real-time” experience when you read Novell Connection online rather than just HTML versions of static print articles.

Based on this feedback, and after a careful analysis of how our readers use the current magazine, we’ve decided we can best serve our audience by providing a more robust and agile online presence. The URL won’t change, but the online experience will. By shifting the substantial resources required to produce, print and distribute a print magazine over to an exclusively online publication, we feel we can take advantage of some intriguing new opportunities that print simply can’t support. So the bottom line is that we’ll provide our readers with a richer, more rewarding experience.

What will this new and exclusively online Novell Connection look like? We’re still working out some of the details, but we plan to embrace the characteristics and technologies that define today’s best and most innovative online publications. Content will be much more fluid and up to date. New articles and information will appear on the site when they’re ready, as opposed to waiting to complete a lengthy print cycle. We’ll foster and encourage lively discussions between Novell Connection authors, Novell engineers, industry experts and our readers. And we’ll expand our content to include integrated audio and video, podcasts, videocasts, reader comments, instant polls, RSS feeds, enhanced searching and much more, all while keeping the clean and uncluttered format we’ve all come to appreciate in the print magazine.

In other words, during the coming months we will turn Novell Connection online into a true webzine—rather than a static, retrofitted version of our print magazine. We’re genuinely excited about the possibilities. And we look forward to making Novell Connection a more useful, relevant and interesting source of insight and information.

Of course, we can’t succeed without your honest feedback. Let us know what you think about this change, and please send us your ideas and suggestions for making the new Novell Connection one of your most useful and valuable online resources. Don’t forget to bookmark us, or even set the new site as your homepage.

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