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March 2008


Right Spin

Managing your data center
just got a whole lot easier
Tech Talk 5 By John Stetic

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PlateSpin technology enables IT professionals to gain a workload-based view of the heterogeneous data center, providing new ways for organizations to achieve operational efficiencies and cost savings.


Solution: PlateSpin provides a completely integrated product suite that automates the assessment and migration phases of data center initiatives, including:

  • server consolidation
  • data center relocation
  • hardware upgrades

Results: Customers reduce costs, power consumption and floor/rack space in the data center.


Solution: PlateSpin's consolidated disaster recovery solution offers affordable workload protection that leverages virtualization technology to protect both physical and virtual workloads in the data center.

Results: Improved security and business continuity.


Solution: Using PlateSpin technologies, customers will have a single approach to imaging and configuring physical and virtual workloads regardless of platform.

Results: Manual install process is eliminated and the time it takes to provision new server workloads is drastically reduced. Customers can also address changing resource requirements at peak demand times and in test lab scenarios.

Ongoing Optimization and Management

Solution: Novell and PlateSpin optimize the balance between the physical and virtual infrastructure. Together they automate monitoring and make infrastructure adjustments based on server availability and workload demand.

Results: By automating the rebalancing process and increasing the visibility into how workloads use physical and virtual resources over time, customers will increase server utilization. Thus they are able to optimize their data centers by better addressing common workload movement challenges.

PlateSpin Product Drill Down

PlateSpin offers a unified suite of solutions for workload relocation, protection, provisioning and ongoing optimization.

At the core of these products is PlateSpin’s workload profiling and portability technology which:

  • monitors server workloads across the data center
  • provides visibility into how resource demands change over the workload lifecycle
  • enables network-based movement of server workloads to the physical or virtual host where they will run most efficiently.

PlateSpin has three key product offerings; they are discussed in detail below.

PlateSpin PowerRecon

PlateSpin PowerRecon is a software product that provides visual analysis, modeling and forecasting for consolidating, protecting and optimizing workloads in the data center. PowerRecon collects hardware, software and services inventory with zero manual effort. It then remotely gathers workload utilization statistics for a clear and concise picture of the application services running in the data center, showing how their resources are being used. Companies use PowerRecon for ongoing workload monitoring and optimization, and to take the guesswork out of capacity planning, server consolidation and disaster recovery projects. PowerRecon also provides IT chargeback and virtual machine growth reporting. Figure 1

With unprecedented data collection scalability and broad multiplatform coverage, PowerRecon provides a true enterprise-scale workload optimization, planning and analysis solution for enterprise data centers.


  • Figure 1

    PlateSpin PowerRecon provides scenario modeling, forecasting and planning capabilities to take the guesswork out of server consolidation, disaster recovery, capacity planning and virtual infrastructure management.

  • Figure 2

    With PlateSpin PowerConvert, enterprises can perform anywhere-to-anywhere server workload migrations across heterogeneous IT infrastructures spanning physical and virtual hosts.

  • Figure 3

    The PlateSpin Forge recovery hardware appliance provides an ever-present Web-based dashboard that enables IT operations specialists to view the status of server workload protection at all times.

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