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This includes the ability to configure and manage the suite’s open source components from within the management GUI, as well as simplified administration for all suite components.

But one of the most asked-about additions planned for this release is Novell Storage Services support. Support for this in the suite was delayed because of issues with the common install. The suite’s development team is working hard to resolve these issues, so customers can soon take full advantage of the benefits Novell Storage Services delivers.

Survey Says

While enhancements for releases beyond the two discussed in this article are not completely decided, you can expect to see technology updates from the latest versions of GroupWise and Novell Open Enterprise Server 2. You can also expect these releases to feature enhancements based on direct partner and customer feedback.

In fact, to help make sure that releases align as closely as possible to partner and customer needs, Novell is conducting a survey of partners who have been selling Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition (or who attended BrainShare sessions on the solution). The survey solicits feedback on certain suite features, asking partners to rate their importance in relation to their customers’ needs and environments. The survey will also provide partners with the opportunity to suggest new features, changes or additions to the solution that Novell might not yet have considered.

In the Loop

Partners who haven't already received the survey can still make their voices heard by e-mailing their feedback or suggestions for future releases to The Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition development team actively monitors this mailbox to inform their efforts as they update and evolve the suite.

Novell realizes that the success of Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition depends on its ability to meet the needs of the small-business community. And speaking of community, Novell plans to create a small-business community workspace with blogs, wikis and community input to help shape the solution?s future. It?s all about keeping the small business partners and customers in the loop. Creating the ultimate desktop-to-server small-business solution is an ongoing process, and Novell intends to make sure its partners and customers are active participants along the way.

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