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HHow do you make a good thing even better? When it comes to Novell solutions, you just sit back and let the enhancements come your way.

At Novell, all our product enhancements are first and foremost about quality—ensuring that solutions perform to the highest standards of efficiency and reliability. That priority holds true as we continue to support more hardware platforms, operating systems and applications in today’s heterogeneous IT environments.

While quality is our top priority, there’s nothing we enjoy more than bringing you exciting new features. With the release of Service Pack 1, Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management is more powerful and flexible and even easier to use.

If you’re already using ZENworks Configuration Management, prepare to be amazed by the enhancements we’ve made in platform support, scalability, role-based administration, load balancing, inventory, imaging, content delivery and more. If you’ve never used ZENworks Configuration Management, schedule a demo or check out the online demo. Either way, you’ll be blown away.

ZENworks Configuration Management Overview (for IT guys and gals who need to get out more!)

ZENworks Configuration Management integrates desktop configuration management, software distribution and application management, remote diagnostics, intelligent image management, asset management and patch management into a single solution. It provides unified management for your entire Windows environment, whether you're going from the desktop to the server, from the local network to branch offices and remote workers, from the individual device to the workgroup, from Windows 2000 to Vista or from the beginning to the end of the configuration and management lifecycle.

With ZENworks Configuration Management, you can:

  • Discover networked devices and gather hardware and software inventory
  • Automate distribution and management of software to local and remote devices
  • Standardize device configuration and applications through policy-based management processes
  • Streamline image creation and deployment
  • Manage and troubleshoot devices remotely and securely through a fast, easy-to-use interface
  • View system dashboards and real-time reports on devices, policies and tasks to monitor operations and quantify management impact
  • Convert and customize legacy software installations to industry standard Microsoft Windows Installers (MSI) for easy deployment
  • Automate software patch management to consistently minimize vulnerabilities and other issues
  • Enjoy a complete and accurate view of software installations and license compliance through the integration of asset inventory, software usage and license reconciliation
  • You can do all that, and much more, for your Windows desktops and servers by
  • Using your choice of Windows Server 2003, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 or Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 as your management server
  • Leveraging your choice of Windows Active Directory, Novell eDirectory or a combination of both as your authoritative identity source
  • Controlling everything through a single browser-based console.

Ready for more? Fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight.

ZENworks Configuration Management is a dream come true—that is, if you’re the sort of person who dreams about optimizing your IT environment.

Because you’re reading Novell Connection, I suspect that’s exactly the sort of person you are. Now let's help even more of your dreams become reality by looking at some of the new enhancements included in Service Pack 1, and really get your mind racing with new possibilities.

Enterprise scalability and performance

With Service Pack 1, we’ve more than doubled the scalability and performance of ZENworks 10 Configuration Management. That’s saying a lot, especially when you consider that this industry-leading solution was already designed from the ground up to meet the needs of even the largest enterprises.

So why increase scalability and performance even further? Basically, to allow you to do more with less—providing the opportunity to realize enterprise-class savings in your hardware and software costs while retaining all the reliability and performance you’ve come to expect from Novell. With the addition of Service Pack 1, now you can:

  • Manage more devices per zone. Our initial testing on a beta release shows that 40,000 devices per zone is well within the product’s capabilities. We suspect the true limit is even higher, and if your organization creates a larger zone than that, we’d love to hear from you—mostly because we’re curious what kind of an enterprise you’re running that would even require that much scalability in a single zone. (E-mail your comments to
  • Support more concurrent devices per server. We’ve also stress tested individual primary servers and found that each one can support more than 1,000 concurrent devices. That’s based on testing of simultaneous distributions of a popular office suite. Of course, in the real world, 1,000 people don’t log in and get their applications at the exact same time. So in a typical environment, the practical number of devices per server is actually many times the number of concurrent devices. The ZENworks Configuration Management server you deploy today will likely support any kind of end-user growth you can throw at it for many years to come.

These enhancements reflect a new level of scalability in the most literal sense of the word—that is, an increase in the number of devices that can be managed. But we’ve also made architectural enhancements that allow you to maximize performance today and maintain optimal performance, even as you scale the solution up and out. That means providing scalability in a much broader sense—a solution that grows as big as you need, while maintaining all the reliability and efficiency you want.

Architectural enhancements in Service Pack 1 to optimize performance at any solution scale include:


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