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  • Isolation of mission-critical default servers. You can expressly exclude any primary server from directly interacting with managed devices. For example, if you have a particular server that’s responsible for reading/writing to the database, you can ensure its reliability and performance by excluding it from serving content, collecting inventory data or running reports.
  • Satellites. The ability to instantly designate any managed device as a satellite allows you to maximize performance by minimizing both the workload on primary servers and network traffic over the WAN. For example, if you’re pushing system images to devices in your branch offices, you can stage the content on local satellites. In this way, the primary server and WAN only have to deliver the content once to each site. Likewise, satellites can also be used to collect data from managed devices, roll up all the data, and send it back to the primary server in a single send—preserving bandwidth that would otherwise be consumed by individual reports from each device.

Ultimately, scalability and performance are all about control. You decide how big to make a zone. You decide how many servers to deploy, and in what roles. You decide which parts of the network get used for which tasks. No matter what you decide, ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP1 gives you the fine-grained control you need to grow your environment and maximize performance.

Role-based administration

creation and assignment of administration rights while making the process simpler than ever before. Now you can create specific roles within the system with each role defining which administrative tasks it can perform.

Once these roles are defined, adding new administrators to the system is easy. Simply add the administrator and assign the appropriate roles you want that admin to perform. At assignment time, you can also specify which users, devices and other entities to which the role should apply.

Of course, you can also assign individual rights in conjunction with the role-based administration model, providing complete flexibility to give users the exact rights they need at any time.

Microsoft ImageX Imaging

Has your company standardized on ImageX and the Windows Imaging Format? Now you can do all the cool things with Windows images that IT administrators routinely do with ZENworks images. With the release of Service Pack 1, ZENworks 10 Configuration Management now includes full support for disk images you create and edit using ImageX. Simply take an ImageX-based image and place it into ZENworks Configuration Management to manage, deploy and assign the image the ZENworks way. By using ImageX-based images, you also gain better support for the latest hardware since ZENworks 10 Configuration Management boots to Windows PE 2.0 to take or apply the image.

You’re a smart person. Now you can be even smarter.

Now that you’ve seen all the cool new features that Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Service Pack 1 has to offer, you’ll undoubtedly want to learn even more—or even take it for a test drive. Call your Novell representative today to set up a time when you two can get together and discuss how ZENworks Configuration Management can help you work even smarter.

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