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There's Strength in Numbers

PlateSpin is preparing the second generation of fully integrated hardware appliances for consolidated workload protection and recovery.

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PlateSpin Forge also provides risk-free, one-click recovery plan testing. Target workloads are simply isolated in a virtual private network so that recovery tests can be performed without impacting production workloads. Preconfigured reports provide auditable metrics on protection plan status and recovery environment health.

Disaster Recovery Evolved

PlateSpin Forge provides a revolutionary combination of simplicity, ease-of-use and economy. Key features include:

  • Simple, plug and protect capability out of the box
  • Reduces duplicate hardware and redundant software licenses
  • Protects complete workloads: data, applications and OS environment
  • Embedded VMware hypervisor requires no user integration or additional software installation
  • Installs anywhere. Protects workloads locally or remotely over a WAN
  • Flexible replication. Backs up workloads incrementally at either file or block level, on user-specified schedules intervals, to meet planned recovery point objectives (RPOs)
  • Rapid, one-click failover
  • Flexible failback with multi-platform restore capabilities to any physical or virtual host, regardless of manufacturer, make or model
  • Event creation and logging with event-based task creation and automatic alert notification
  • Protection prioritization
  • Recovery resource pooling support
  • Easy testing and reporting support
  • Simple Web-based management interface.
  • Incremental deployment. Available configurations include 25- and 10-workload appliances, with five-workload upgrades, totalling 25
  • Protects any Windows Server workload

Coming this Fall: PlateSpin Forge 2.0

While PlateSpin Forge only began shipping in January of this year, development work on version 2.0 is already well under way, with release tentatively scheduled for mid-September. New functionality will enhance recovery support for workloads with large data volumes, increase recovery flexibility and improve integration with existing infrastructure. New features will include:

  • Full integration with a SAN storage environment to relieve the constraints imposed by Forge's 2.5TB of built-in storage, with available configurations for both iSCSI and fibre channel SANs. Users will be able to specify the datastore location for each protection contract, and will have the option to distribute storage for a single workload across multiple datastores.
  • Support for multiple recovery points. Forge 2.0 will let users maintain multiple instances of a mirrored application, allowing them to select from multiple recovery points. For example, if data errors are suspected in failure of the production environment, administrators might elect to recover a day-old instance rather than one that is four hours old.

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  • Support for x64 architecture that will extend Forge protection to critical Windows workloads such as Exchange 07.
  • Server Sync, an incremental replication capability that dramatically accelerates workload migration over the WAN. An initial transfer to the target site is performed and tested while the production instance remains in service. An incremental sync is then performed before scheduled replication is initiated, eliminating the need for a full system replication over the network.

While recovery support for Linux workloads will not be part of Forge 2.0, it is definitely part of PlateSpin's long-term development plan. "As a Novell company it's part of our ongoing vision and commitment to support heterogeneous data centers," says John Ko, product marketing manager. "Customers can adopt Forge today for Windows workload protection, with the knowledge that, in the future, it will support Linux workloads as well."

Close Your Own Disaster Recovery Gap Today

PlateSpin Forge offers any organization the ability to extend fast, reliable disaster recovery protection to every important server workload simply and affordably, without duplicate hardware or redundant software licenses. It eliminates the high cost hurdles of hardware clustering and high-end replication, and the labor-intensity of imaging, tape backup and manual restoration. For more information on the plug-in solution to disaster preparation, visit for a Flash demo, webinar, complete product specifications and ordering information.


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