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Lucky No. 8

Getting GroupWise WebAccess To Work Overtime for You

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Eight Days a Week was a #1 hit for the Beatles. On August 8, 2008 (8/8/08) China held the Opening Ceremonies for the XXIX Olympiad; the number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese culture.

The number 8 also holds good fortune for those beyond the pale of pop music and world-class athletics. In fact, it's only fitting that in 2008, Novell releases its highly anticipated GroupWise 8, the newest and best GroupWise to date. This GroupWise—whether you use the Windows, Linux, Mac or WebAccess client—has been retooled to keep even the busiest users more organized and productive.

Perhaps you've already read about the wide variety of improvements included in the GroupWise 8 Windows, Linux and Mac clients, but this article is all about how the WebAccess client has utilized the capabilities of Web 2.0, bringing the simplicity and power of the Web to anyone within reach of an Internet connection.

Calendar Like A PRO

The most obvious improvements in the GroupWise 8 WebAccess client surround the calendar feature. The new WebAccess calendar is not only more aesthetically pleasing and convenient, but it also helps users keep even better organized. In GroupWise 8, WebAccess users can take advantage of the multiple (and graphical) calendars that revolutionized productivity for many users in the GroupWise 7 Windows client. These personal calendars make it much easier to draw clear boundaries between work, personal, community, family and other activities. You might have one calendar to hold appointments related to the upcoming technical conference you're hosting, another for company holidays, and yet another with the game schedule for the soccer team you coach. (See Figure 1.)

To create a personal calendar:

  1. In a Calendar view, click the arrow next to New on the toolbar, then click Calendar.
  2. Type a name for the new calendar.
  3. (Optional) Type a description for the calendar.
  4. (Optional) Select a color for the calendar by clicking a colored square.
  5. Click Save, then click Close.

Thereafter, whenever you create a new calendar item, you'll get the option to place the appointment in a specific calendar.

Do you have a personal calendar you think everyone could benefit from? Now, in addition to sharing calendars, users can publish their personal calendars with the GroupWise 8 WebAccess client. When a user chooses to publish a personal calendar to the Internet, it is copied to the Calendar Publishing Host server. Published calendars can then be picked up by other users, helping them save time by simply importing events relevant to their work or interests.

To publish a calendar:

  1. In the Calendar Folder List, right click the calendar you want to publish, and click Publish.
  2. Select the box next to Publish.
  3. Select the time period. Select Entire Calendar to send your entire calendar, or select Previous to send part of your calendar. If you select Previous, you must specify a range of days to send.
  4. Select Private Items to include private items.
  5. To send someone a link to your published calendar, click Send Publish Link. If you click Send Publish Link, a new e-mail message is opened with a link. Select who you want to send the message to, then click Send.
  6. Click Save, then click Close.

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After creating as many calendars as you need, you can manipulate the appointments much more easily. To begin with, drag and drop capabilities—previously only available in the WebAccess message list—have been added to the WebAcces calendar. If you want to make changes to any appointment you've scheduled or posted yourself, simply click and drag the appointment to another day. You can also change the time or duration of an appointment by simply dragging the start or end time as needed. Notes, tasks and other item types can also be dragged from one calendar and dropped into another, helping you better align your to do list with the task or project calendars you're using.

Conquer Your IN-BOX

The calendar isn't the only improved feature in the GroupWise 8 WebAccess client. Your web-based e-mail inbox can now hold an unlimited number of messages all on one page. Before, only a fixed number of e-mails would appear in the inbox at any one time, causing the user to move from page to page to view them. With GroupWise 8, there's no need to continuously press the “Next 20” button. All the e-mails in your inbox remain in one window, giving you a simple virtual message list that makes it easy to find any e-mail you're looking for.

This new message list leaves the world of item check boxes behind, letting you highlight multiple messages by Ctrl or Shift clicking and selecting all the items you want. When you drag multiple items, the “ghost” outline used in previous releases has been replaced by a small box showing the number of items being dragged. (See Figure 2.)

Not only will your inbox hold all you need, but GroupWise 8 WebAccess (like the other clients in this release) includes an auto-save option. As you're composing e-mail, GroupWise 8 will ensure that no power outage or accidental click causes your message to be lost.

Name completion has been been retooled to leverage all your address books (not just your frequent contacts). If you want more control, you can specify which address books to use, and whether you want name completion to work on a last name/first name or first


  • Figure 1

    GroupWise 8 WebAccess takes calendaring to a whole new level with color-coding, multiple calendars and much more.

  • Figure 2

    A new, virtual message list holds an unlimited number of messages in the GroupWise 8 WebAccess client. Messages can be viewed and manipulated easily using drag-and drop and standard keyboard shortcuts.

  • Figure 3

    Contact management in GroupWise 8 WebAccess has been significantly enhanced with a new business card format, the ability to view photos, import vCards, add notes and search correspondence histories.

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