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Lucky No. 8

Getting GroupWise WebAccess To Work Overtime for You

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name/last name basis. Finally, GroupWise 8 offers on-the-fly name completion. Because it no longer downloads the frequent contacts address book during login, it's much faster to launch GroupWise—using any client—and get to work.

Other e-mail enhancements in the WebAccess client include the ability to size the various columns in your inbox (e.g., subject, from, date), or move columns to a new location by dragging and dropping the column header, context-sensitive right-click menus, and a new lightweight spell checker that's faster and easier to use.

GroupWise 8 WebAccess also includes new features designed to make it easier than ever to create compelling e-mails and flag your own in a way that helps you stay organized. You can now compose e-mails in HTML format and switch between plain text and HTML as needed when you view them. If connection speed is an issue, you can disable the viewing of graphics in HTML items. And to help you process e-mails more efficiently, GroupWise 8 lets you assign items in your mailbox to any of four default color-coded categories (followup, low priority, personal and urgent) or any custom category you create yourself.

Turn Contacts Into Valuable Business Relationships

Finally, there is a new “Contacts” tab in GroupWise 8 WebAccess. After clicking on the tab, contacts are listed in a scrollable list similar to the virtual message list described above. You also have the option to import v-Cards in order to add or edit contacts, and you can add notes to contact profiles or view photos associated with contacts. Once you've created a contact, you can view (or search) the correspondence history with that person at any time. (See Figure 3.)

Several new contact fields help you better remember everyone, from old college roommates to the new client you picked up yesterday. There are fields for birthdays, anniversaries, spouse’s name, children’s names, hobbies and more. When you add a birthday or anniversary to a contact profile, that information appears in your main calendar. Fields for phone numbers, e-mail addresses, postal addresses and Internet addresses also keep you in touch. And if the contact isn’t on the same GroupWise system (or is using another messaging system such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes), you can even enter a Free/Busy URL address into the contact profile so you can easily check their schedule and book appointments.

Eliminate Time Zone Trouble For Road Warriors

In the past, GroupWise has made scheduling cross-time zone meetings quick and painless. And in GroupWise 8 WebAccess, we build on this strength by giving you the ability to automatically adapt appointments to the time zone you're currently in.

The beauty of this feature is that if you're based in Boston, currently in London, and need to schedule a series of meetings while you're there, you simply set the time zone for your workstation, select the option in WebAccess to “use my workstation's time zone,” and all of your appointments will adapt accordingly.

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By default, GroupWise WebAccess uses the time zone established for your GroupWise post office. But if you're using GroupWise WebAccess in a time zone other than your post office’s time zone, you can change the time zone associated with your workstation and then set WebAccess to use it.

To do this:

  1. In the Main Window, click Options in the upper right corner.
  2. Click the Time Zone tab.
  3. Select to use either your workstation’s time zone or select the time zone you want to use from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Save, then click Close.

Turn the number 8 sideways and it becomes the mathematical symbol for infinity. Users will find that the GroupWise 8 WebAccess client literally offers innumerable ways to streamline appointments, manage e-mails, organize contacts and otherwise keep them working smoothly and efficiently. And while we know that the most important numbers associated with the product will be the increased efficiency, revenue and competitive advantage you'll see by deploying it, let 2008 be the year you bring your organization a WebAccess option that keeps them fully connected and operating at peak productivity.


  • Figure 1

    GroupWise 8 WebAccess takes calendaring to a whole new level with color-coding, multiple calendars and much more.

  • Figure 2

    A new, virtual message list holds an unlimited number of messages in the GroupWise 8 WebAccess client. Messages can be viewed and manipulated easily using drag-and drop and standard keyboard shortcuts.

  • Figure 3

    Contact management in GroupWise 8 WebAccess has been significantly enhanced with a new business card format, the ability to view photos, import vCards, add notes and search correspondence histories.

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