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During these uncertain economic times, careful budget decisions are crucial. Cutting expenses is critical, and every remaining budgetary line item must be necessary. But for your company to rebound and grow, you must still make good investments. And in IT, one of the best investments is good training.

Effective training provides quick return on investments as your IT team becomes proficient with products you already own. Training helps new technology justify its expense as staff members quickly learn how to use the technology and realize its potential for improving productivity. Furthermore, with a trained staff, you'll reduce downtime and outside support costs.

Whether you're looking for more flexibility, lower costs or anything in between, Novell training will prove to be a smart investment.

Product Training: What Customers Need and What-with Novell-They Get

We surveyed many of our customers and more than half indicated that training options impact their decisions to purchase our products. (See Figure 1.) So we've designed training offerings that are as available and flexible as possible. For example, when you purchase products or renew maintenance, you can also buy training at the Novell Customer Center ( Simply click the "My Training" option on the left menu in the Customer Center to display your training activities with Novell, including certifications earned, technical skills assessments taken, Advanced Technical Training (ATT) courses completed, and on-demand training available. Click the "On-demand Training" tab to display a complete list of on-demand courses already available to you through your maintenance agreements or subscription model.

Training for Linux Server and Systems Management is the top training priority customers anticipate in 2009. Half of the customers surveyed identified these areas as priorities, and about three quarters plan to complete or renew Novell certifications in these areas. Therefore, Novell has several courses and certifications ready for these areas.

If you're working in the Linux Server area, Novell provides excellent classes ranging from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Fundamentals to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Advanced Administration. We also offer Linux courses that cover networking, security, virtualization and more.

For Systems Management, and if you're a Novell ZENworks admin, you can take courses that will help you know how to decrease your administrative burdens and increase enterprise-wide efficiency. Other courses help improve your administration of the entire Novell ZENworks line of products, which can help build your skills to tap into the rapidly growing Systems Management market.

Novell training will also help in the following areas customers have indicated are important to them (See Figure 2.):

  • Reducing downtime: Properly trained staff results in less downtime, and less downtime equals lower costs.
  • Maximizing product value: Effective training allows you to use products to their fullest, applying advanced features and getting the most from your IT investments.
  • Quickly deploying new products: Good training reduces the headaches of using new products, and helps you get them up and running and working for you.

New Certifications: Getting the Most from Your Human Investment

Today's rapidly changing technology shouldn't obscure the fact that one of your greatest investments is your people. Well-trained staff unlocks the potential of IT products, and Novell Training keeps skill gaps from developing in your department through 10 certifications and dozens of courses.

Our industry-leading certifications and courses are globally recognized, and they even impact IT professionals personally. More and more employers expect tangible proof that you have the knowledge it takes to perform your job. Novell certifications provide that proof and the extra edge you need in this competitive industry.

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With open source as the future of networking, users trained and certified in SUSE Linux Enterprise are in high demand. Becoming certified proves you're skilled in using the products and helps you jumpstart or advance your career. Following are the latest Linux certifications from Novell designed to help the 60 percent of those surveyed who plan to train for Linux in 2009:

  • Certified Linux Desktop Administrator (CLDA): This enables you to manage the day-to-day administration of a SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop successfully and efficiently.
  • Certified Linux Administrator (CLA): This entry-level certification delivers the basic SUSE Linux Enterprise Server skills a system administrator needs. It also builds a solid foundation for the next step in enhancing your professional skill set-becoming a Certified Linux Professional.
  • Certified Linux Professional (CLP): This certification proves you have mastered the skills of an experienced administrator in a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server environment, and helps you advance as a system administrator.
  • Certified Linux Engineer (CLE): This advanced-level certification delivers engineer-level skills for managers and architects of enterprise networks based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. It helps you plan, design and manage a secure SUSE Linux Enterprise Server environment.
  • Novell Certified Administrator Enterprise Services (NCA ES): This certification is for network administrators and other network management professionals with little or no experience using Novell products and services. Providing a high-level view of those products and services, it focuses on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux. It offers greater value as a certification because it demonstrates to an employer that you have a useful working knowledge of common administrative tasks using Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 as well as an understanding of the value proposition of all Novell products.
  • Novell Certified Engineer Enterprise Services (NCE ES): This certification shows that you have and can effectively use your engineer-level skills in your area of Novell product expertise. These skills include installing, configuring, maintaining, supporting and troubleshooting the Novell services that keep your enterprise running efficiently and productively.


  • Figure 1

    The availability and quality of training options makes a difference in the purchase decisions of most Novell customers because they realize that good, flexible training helps them make the most of their products and is a good return on their investment.

  • Figure 2

    Customers said they need training that reduces downtime, maximizes product value and allows them to quickly deploy the products through better use of new technology and new skills.

  • Figure 3

    The flexible nature of Novell training gives you more options. By filling skills gaps in Linux, systems, and identity & security training, Novell's programs provide convenient training that fits your unique needs.

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