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A Smart Investment

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The industry recognizes Novell exams as excellent tools for measuring practical knowledge. Employers worldwide know that a Novell certification proves you have mastered the practical skills that are taught-not just be able to recall memorized information.

Flexible Training

At Novell, we know many potential obstacles can prevent your IT department from getting the training it needs. Constrained budgets or concerns that training during work hours isn't productive (especially if it requires additional travel time and expense) might lead management to defer or cut training altogether. But if training is flexible and cost-efficient, it will be attractive to customers. Therefore, Novell has a number of training options, offering a variety of schedules, formats and topics.

Not only do you need more training options, you also need training that fills skill gaps in your organization, especially identity, security and compliance; Linux; and systems management. By filling these skill gaps, Novell provides convenient training that fits your unique needs. (See Figure 3.) Some of our most exciting and flexible training options are on-demand, online, First Look, self-study, partner-led and instructor-led.

  • On-demand courses: Available online, this training is literally at your fingertips, wherever you go, 24-7, 365 days a year. With an Internet connection and prerecorded instruction, study on your own time at your own pace. Available for purchase per person/per year in January 2009, on-demand training will be available for all areas and courses.
  • Online training: These real-time courses are like university distance learning. Led by an instructor, online training lets you ask questions and participate as if physically present in an on-site class.
  • First Look training: Provided through the Novell Customer Center, this training option is less intensive than online training but features basic installation and configuration of purchased technology and products rather than courses or certifications. Available with the purchase of your products, you can take this flexible training when and where you want. Because this product is free, there is no additional cost to get started using your new product, which means your training budget is available for more advanced training.
  • Self-study kits: With physical course materials such as manuals, workbooks, demos, exercises and more, these kits not only cover the same information as the First Look courses, but they also feature more advanced topics that help you become an administrator or instructor on your own.
  • Partner-led training: Working with training partners who have their own training facilities as well as Certified Novell Instructors (CNIs), Novell has developed industry-recognized training materials and exams for its certification classes. Our partners provide convenient training centers across the globe, and Novell guarantees exceptional training that is consistent around the world.

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  • Instructor-led training: Available in physical classes, on-demand and online, this training is taught by a CNI, an instructor who has fulfilled the requirements of the world's most renowned technical instructor certification.

Making Training a Priority in 2009

By surveying our customers to learn what they need and expect from Novell, we have improved our training so it can be more beneficial and relevant to you than ever before. You want flexibility, quality, availability, benefits and returns on your investments. Novell provides the best training and certification available. By partnering with OEMs and using Novell engineers and instructional designers who are experts in their fields, we ensure that you will receive training that is relevant and among the best IT training in the industry.

Our flexible and convenient training options ensure that your people can get the expertise they need while guaranteeing a return on your investment by increasing productivity and reducing your downtime and support costs. With certified skills, you and your staff will do your jobs better, allowing your organization to innovate with less risk.

Now that you're aware of all the benefits Novell training can bring, make sure training is part of your budget. Get started at, or contact one of our 500 training partners near you at:


  • Figure 1

    The availability and quality of training options makes a difference in the purchase decisions of most Novell customers because they realize that good, flexible training helps them make the most of their products and is a good return on their investment.

  • Figure 2

    Customers said they need training that reduces downtime, maximizes product value and allows them to quickly deploy the products through better use of new technology and new skills.

  • Figure 3

    The flexible nature of Novell training gives you more options. By filling skills gaps in Linux, systems, and identity & security training, Novell's programs provide convenient training that fits your unique needs.

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