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Passing on Your GroupWise 8 Display Settings

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Faster. Better. More productive. Novell GroupWise 8 promises to be the best version of GroupWise yet. It works the way you do. It makes collaborating with the world not only possible, but easier than ever before. Hot new features are there, but you might not know how to use them.

That's where BrainStorm, Inc. comes in. As the Novell Authorized End-User Training Partner, BrainStorm has been training GroupWise users from the beginning. Along the way, we've picked up some pretty powerful ways to manipulate the GroupWise interface.

In the coming months, we're going to delve into the deep side of GroupWise. We'll seek out new tips and new tricks. We'll boldly go where no one has gone before—in the new GroupWise Client.

We invite you to join us on our journey in GroupWise 8. We promise you'll learn something to make your life in GroupWise a little easier. And even better, the lives of all your end users, so yours can be calmer.

Sharing Your Home View

Your organization has just begun to deploy GroupWise 8. As a power user, you've had it on your desktop for the last few weeks and have had a chance to play with your Home View settings. One of your co-workers drops by your desk and sees your nifty customized Home View.

“How did you do that?” he asks. “I want my GroupWise to look like yours.”

You sigh as you realize that without your powerful GroupWise skills, your coworker could waste your entire afternoon as you show him step-by-step how to re-create your customized view.

But, before you bark out an I'm-too-busy-to-show-you reply, you suddenly remember a tip you saw in Novell Connection that could save your time and energy.

The Mission

No need to groan and sigh anymore when one of your co-workers wants their GroupWise interface to look just like yours. Sharing your Home View, or any other view, is as easy as sending an e-mail. Here's how to share:

  1. Customize your Home View and save your display settings (View | Display Settings | Save Current).
  2. Display the view you want to share. (View | Display Settings | Select).
  3. From the Main Menu, select View | Display Settings | Send Current.
  4. Address the pre-populated message and add a subject.
  5. Click Send.

Importing a Saved Home View

Don't worry. Once you send the e-mail with your saved Home View settings, you won't need to follow up to make sure your co-worker can import the settings.

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The pre-populated message includes instructions for how to import the view. But, just in case you want to know, here's how to import:

  1. Open the message that includes the display settings attachment.
  2. Right click the attachment.
  3. Select Import Display Settings.
  4. Navigate to your Home View.
  5. Right click the Home tab in the Nav bar, or right click the Home folder in your folder list.
  6. Select Properties.
  7. Click the Display tab.
  8. Select the imported display setting from the Setting name drop down box.
  9. Click OK.

Get GroupWise Power

As you can see from this tip, becoming a GroupWise power user can start with a pretty simple step. Although sharing your Home View takes just a few quick mouse clicks, your colleagues will see you as a pure GroupWise genius. And even better, you'll share your expertise from your own desktop across the organization, making your end users' work lives a lot more productive, and yours—a whole lot calmer.

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