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Novell Storage Manager 2.5

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Action Objects

Novell Storage Manager 2.5 includes new "Action Objects" APIs to enable the automation of very distinct storage actions outside of what is practical with Novell Storage Manager policies. Action Objects enable specific actions in coordination with other applications that manage through Novell eDirectory or LDAP-for example, Novell Identity Manager.

Enhanced Cataloging

What is the value of archiving a file for years if it is difficult to locate and retrieve? Faced with this challenge, Novell Storage Manager 2.5 extended the scope of its cataloging to include time-based data recording. This means that whenever you move data managed by Novell Storage Manager 2.5, the managed data path is recorded and maintained in the catalog. No matter how many times you move the file, you can find it through a catalog search where you can then recover it.

Path Analysis

The new Path Analysis feature helps ensure compliance by allowing administrators to browse down a file path from any server and volume to a particular folder and perform an analysis of both access rights through either direct assignment or inherited rights through both the file system and directory services. Path Analysis can also report file types that are being stored in a folder and all subfolders based on file extension. For example, by selecting a home folder you can easily see the number of .MP3, .MOV, .JPG, and other various files the user is storing on the network. (See Figure 2.)

New User Interface

Novell Storage Manager 2.5 features a fresh new NSMAdmin interface. Icons, dialogs, storage statistics, etc., all have an updated look. Additionally, the interface has a more easy-to-use design. For example, in the past, performing certain tasks required multiple steps in NSMAdmin; many of these steps can now be addressed through a single form. (See Figure 3.) and (See Figure 4.)

Making an Immediate Impact

The wealth of enterprise-tested product features from previous versions, coupled with the product enhancements described above, make Novell Storage Manager 2.5 the ideal solution for assuring full lifecycle management of user and group network storage resources that comply with the most rigid of standards.

If your enterprise has been fighting the aforementioned exponential growth of enterprise data by simply adding more storage capacity through the purchase of SANs and large servers, you'll certainly want to see what sort of return you're getting for these expensive IT investments. Novell Storage Manager can easily show you how much a SAN is being used in comparison to other storage devices, the percentage of users with enforced storage quotas versus no limits, Novell Storage Manager-managed user and collaborative storage versus unmanaged storage, and more.

Universities, K-12 schools and other academic organizations that experience periodic high user turnover will want to continue to use Novell Storage Manager to automate the creation, provisioning, vaulting and deletion of user and collaborative folders. With expanded support for Novell Linux in v2.5, these organizations should look to manage these accounts on Novell Linux servers.

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City, state and federal government accounts with document storage compliance mandates will want to continue their reliance on Novell Storage Manager for document access, security and long-term retention. Storage statistics, expanded support for Novell Linux, auxiliary storage and new collaborative storage options are all enhancements that will provide further assistance in meeting these compliance mandates.

Summing it All Up

Multiple factors, including regulatory compliance, advancements in computing devices that store an increasing amount of data, lower cost storage hardware and a propensity for users to keep every file they've ever saved are contributing to exponential data growth. Compliance issues alone are assuring that data storage in many industries will only continue to grow. According to, there are "well over 10,000 regulations that affect data storage, backup and protection across a large range of industries."3

Taking this storage from a disordered to an ordered state is imperative. Novell Storage Manager 2.5 provides you with the data you need to know about your storage. It lets you create polices in Novell eDirectory that take actions when directory events occur, and provides you the automation to assure that the actions specified within these policies actually take place.

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  • Figure 1

    The simplicity of Novell Storage Manager has always been in creating directory-stored policies once and then letting it manage storage automatically, according to the stipulations of the policies.

  • Figure 2

    Path Analysis can quickly and easily show who has access rights to a particular directory.

  • Figure 3

    A completely new NWAdmin interface with page tabs, quick access icons, drop-down menus and more, make administrative tasks easier to perform.

  • Figure 4

    Graphical analytics in the new interface can provide a detailed analysis of storage managed through Novell Storage Manager 2.5.

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