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Cheat Number 4: The update sequence for MTAs and post offices is platform-dependent. If you have MTAs and post offices running on the same server, the update sequence depends on your operating environment. In Linux, you can update the MTA without taking down the post office. You can do the same in NetWare if you're running in protected memory. If not-or if you run GroupWise in a Windows environment-take down both agents. Bring up the GroupWise 8 MTA first and let it recover fully before starting the new POA. In all cases be sure to back up both databases before you begin.

If you have a large database that will take a long time to recover, use this workaround to expedite the process: After updating, start both the MTA and POA. When the MTA has finished bumping to GroupWise 8, manually start the post office recovery by going into Options > Admin Status > Perform DB Recovery Now >Yes. This allows users to access their GroupWise accounts while the domain recovers.

Cheat Number 5: Don't update clients until the post offices are done. GroupWise 8 clients can't access a post office that still uses an earlier version of GroupWise. Users who update to the GroupWise 8 client before their post office has been updated will not be able to access their post office.

Cheat Number 6: The ConsoleOne update process now varies by platform. To administer GroupWise 8, you'll need the new snap-ins for ConsoleOne. For a GroupWise system on NetWare or Windows, you can install ConsoleOne and run it either on a network server or on a local workstation. If you plan to use ConsoleOne on a local workstation, perform the GroupWise installation from that workstation.

For your convenience, ConsoleOne is included on the GroupWise 8 DVD and the downloaded GroupWise 8 image. The GroupWise Installation program lets you install ConsoleOne if needed. You can also use the GroupWise Installation program at a later time to install ConsoleOne and the GroupWise Administrator snap-ins on additional locations.

It's important to note that for a GroupWise system on NetWare, you cannot run ConsoleOne to administer GroupWise at the NetWare server console. The GroupWise Administrator snap-ins to ConsoleOne do not run in that environment.

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For a GroupWise system on Linux, ConsoleOne must already be installed before you set up your GroupWise system, and a separate installation process is required to update the ConsoleOne snap-ins on that machine.

See the Complete Documentation Online

For detailed directions on upgrading your GroupWise system to version 8, see the online documentation.

Good luck, and welcome to GroupWise 8!


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