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WWhere do you turn for the quality technical education and training you need when there's simply no money for travel? It's a tough question that thousands of information technology professionals are asking themselves in today's difficult economy. And it's also a question that Novell has been working very hard to answer. Besides the online training offerings that Novell Connection has been covering recently, a big part of the answer involves taking the same top-quality information thousands of customers have traditionally enjoyed at large live conferences and bringing it right to your doorstep-through free, multi-city tours, new online learning resources and more local advanced technical training (ATT) options.

This expanded "bring the knowledge to you" approach kicked off last month with two ambitious multi-city tours: the Data Center Evolution tour, which started March 24, and the IT in Action Tour, which begins in May. These free face-to-face events will introduce you to the latest Novell products and solutions, show you how they can solve difficult IT and data center challenges, and put you in close contact with Novell experts. They will also set the stage for-and provide a convenient gateway to-a wealth of new in-depth online learning resources and local Novell Advanced Technical Training (ATT) opportunities.

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Finding and participating in either or both of these face-to-face tours is easy. Click here to check dates and locations. Register online for an event near you, then prepare to show up ready to learn and ask questions.

Data Center Evolution: Build, Manage and Measure

How are today's tighter-than-normal budgets affecting the evolution and development of your data center? There are likely almost as many answers to this question as there are businesses, but one thing is clear: lean times make it even more necessary to align information technology with business necessities. The Data Center Evolution tour, which began on March 24 in North America and extends through July in parts of Asia and Europe, explores ways to help you accomplish this by presenting more cost effective ways to build, manage and measure your data center.

This process starts with helpful strategies and demonstrations that will enhance your efforts to make your data center more interoperable, agile and easy to manage. It also includes valuable information about the new features and capabilities in Novell's latest data center products-including SUSE Linux Enterprise 11, PlateSpin Workload Management and Novell Business Service Management. Each half-day event features an opening keynote address and three 1-hour sessions where you'll learn how Novell can help you:

  • Build a foundation for your data center that is interoperable, ubiquitous and fully capable of running mission-critical workloads. You'll leave with new ideas for building a lasting and agile infrastructure that delivers the services your users need today and in the future.
  • Manage your entire data center more effectively. This includes using disaster recovery and availability solutions to simplify the replication of whole workloads and create warm stand-by recovery systems.
  • Measure data center performance to make sure you're meeting service license agreements (SLAs) for the services you're delivering. You'll learn about easy-to-use solutions for measuring data center services that ensure accuracy by involving everyone in the organization at an appropriate level.

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8:30 - 9:00 am Arrivals / Coffee  
9:00 - 9:30 am Welcome & Keynote The Evolution of the Data Center: Build, Manage, Measure
9:30 - 10:45 am Session Build the Agile Data Center: SLE 11 / Virtualization / Appliances / Interoperability
11:00 - 12:00 pm Session Manage the Agile Data Center: PlateSpin Disaster Recovery / Server Consolidation / Manage Physical and Virtual Workloads
12:45 - 1:30 pm Session Measure the Agile Data Center: Business Service Management (BSM)

Don't miss this free, convenient opportunity to explore data center solutions that align perfectly with your organization's needs and open the door to more extensive and in-depth local and online data center education and training opportunities. (See Sweet Dreams, Check Dates and Locations Now [Link to:]

Data Center Evolution Tour Sample Agenda

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