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Artists use galleries to give the public access to their most interesting and valuable work. Now, Novell is taking a cue from the art world and assembling some of its freshest and most relevant educational content into two new media galleries. These rich, interactive online resources owe most of their content to two recent live multi-city tours-the IT in Action tour and the Data Center Evolution tour.

Packaged and organized in one convenient location, each gallery includes more than a dozen video presentations, software demos and other related online training and educational resources. Each gallery features the very latest and most up-to-date content on Novell strategies, technologies and solutions in specific areas. And of course, all this in-depth, interactive information is available to you completely free of charge.

Keep reading to explore some of the highlights of the Service-Driven Data Center and IT in Action Media Galleries. Then, check them out for yourself and start taking full advantage of these great new learning resources.


Evolve to a Service-Driven Data Center
What does a next-generation, service-driven data center look like? What benefits can it offer your organization? Most important, how do you build, manage and measure the effectiveness of a best practice data center environment-even in the face of limited resources and budget cuts? With nearly 5 hours of new training and educational content, including video presentations, demos and other supporting technical information, the Novell Service-Driven Data Center Media Gallery explores the answers to these crucial questions in detail. Some of the highlights include:

  • Build a Service-Driven Data Center-This two-part video presentation explores the advantages of using SUSE Linux Enterprise to create a more flexible, efficient and reliable data center environment. You'll learn exactly how SUSE Linux Enterprise can help you create a new kind of data center that supports your most demanding mission-critical workloads, and how it accommodates a complete range of physical and virtual server platforms and supports your whole heterogeneous IT environment.
  • Manage Your Service-Driven Data Center-In this 30-minute presentation you'll get a detailed overview of how PlateSpin solutions from Novell can help you manage your service-driven data center with sophisticated workload management, smart server consolidation and consolidated disaster recovery solutions. You'll explore innovative approaches and techniques for lowering data center costs, optimizing performance and managing risks.
  • Measure Your Service-Driven Data Center-This 18-minute presentation will show you how Novell Business Services can help you measure your service-driven data center by viewing your whole IT infrastructure as a unified set of business services, rather than a disjointed collection of IT technology. You'll learn how Novell Business Service Management solutions make it possible to prioritize issues and place them in a business context, identify and fix the issues that are affecting your business the most and gain a more complete view of your IT infrastructure.

The Service-Driven Data Center Media Gallery expands these core build, manage and measure concepts with a wealth of product demos and other supporting technical information. It's clearly one of the best places to learn how Novell can accelerate and enhance your efforts to build a cost effective data center environment. And it's all waiting for you. Visit the Service-Driven Data Center Media Gallery Now.


Experience IT in Action
The IT in Action Media Gallery offers the same mix of video presentations, demos and technical resources as the Service-Driven Data Center gallery and has an exclusive focus on Novell Collaboration, Endpoint Management, Enterprise Linux Desktop and Identity and Security solutions. With nearly 15 hours of up-to-date video presentations and demos, and new content being added all the time, it's a treasure trove of information you can use to boost productivity, accelerate innovation, improve security, extend your IT resources, save time and create a more effective workgroup computing environment. Where should you start? It's really up to you, but here's a quick preview of some of the most popular presentations and demos:

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  • Moving Your Novell GroupWise System to Linux demo-This popular 11-minute demo guides you through the process of migrating your GroupWise System to the Linux platform, where you can take full advantage of low-cost commodity hardware, new server consolidation opportunities and a long list of valuable open source software add-ons.
  • Novell Teaming Beta Installation Quickstart demo-The next version of Novell Teaming is generating a lot of excitement and this 15-minute session will give you the technical information you need to get started quickly. This includes instructions for installing the beta version of the upcoming release, tips for integrating the new version with Novell GroupWise and Novell eDirectory, configuration and customization best practices and other information that will help ensure a fast, trouble-free deployment.
  • Privileged User Manager demo-This 30-minute demonstration drills down into the details of using Novell's popular Privileged User Manager, including the product's rule-creation tools, reusable script and command libraries, color-coded audit records and much more.
  • Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Best Practices webcast-This 22-minute session guides you through a proven, best practice approach for designing, configuring and deploying ZENworks Configuration Management 10 in your organization.
  • Unstructured Data Storage webcast-In this unique 42-minute Legends of Engineering live chat webcast, a panel of distinguished Novell storage engineers discuss issues and take questions directly from Novell customers. Tune in to hear the team that developed Novell Dynamic Storage Technology discuss the details of putting automated, policy-driven storage to work in real IT environments. If you like this format, the IT in Action Media Gallery features four other highly rated Legends of Engineering live chat discussions: The Ins and Outs of File Systems, Novell Open Enterprise Server Futures, Interoperability with Windows and Interoperability with Macintosh.

The IT in Action Media Gallery represents the most complete, up-to-date and in-depth collection of multimedia content surrounding Novell's Collaboration, Enterprise Linux Desktop, Endpoint Management and Security and Identity technologies and solutions. Don't miss this opportunity to explore these resources and use them to improve and enhance your IT infrastructure. Visit the IT in Action Media Gallery Now.

Beyond the Media Galleries

The Service-Driven Data Center and IT in Action Media Galleries are important components of a broader effort to bring new educational and training opportunities directly to you. This includes more Novell face-to-face seminars and educational opportunities in your area and a range of new fee-based Advanced Technical Training options that bring quality, in-depth technical training directly to your city or computer screen. Together, these city-to-city tours, media galleries and new advanced technical training options can help you make the very most of your Novell solutions-with zero impact on your travel budget.

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