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Why Now is the Time to Upgrade to Novell Open Enterprise Server

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On the flip side, upgrading is a smart tactical decision-one that allows you to:

  • Leverage existing skill sets while streamlining management of mixed environments
  • Achieve efficiencies in storage management and server usage
  • Empower your end users with automated storage, print and networking utilities, which takes the load off your administrators

More broadly, upgrading is a smart strategic decision that aligns your infrastructure to where market growth and innovation is occurring; offers powerful consolidation opportunities; provides more options for hardware and software; and helps you incur less cost, risk and effort.

Move IT: Helping You Upgrade Painlessly and Economically

Novell has invested heavily in making the actual transition from NetWare to Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 Service Pack 1 as easy as possible. A simple graphical user interface allows point-and-click migrations from NetWare to Linux, along with customizable scheduling, notifications and server identity transfer.

Still, we realize that the decision to upgrade can be harder than the actual transition itself. Thus to help you, our loyal NetWare customers, as you consider your options, Novell is launching a global, holistic campaign called "Move IT." Its purpose is to help all customers still running NetWare overcome Linux adoption barriers with offers, programs and communications during the next year. Details can be found at The campaign currently includes the following offers, each of which is also described below:

Benefits of Open Enterprise Server 2, Service Pack 1

New features shipping with Service Pack 1 include more than patches and bug fixes. With this product, you will receive additional benefits such as:

  • Domain Services for Windows, an innovative technology that allows eDirectory to appear like Active Directory, streamlining authentication between Windows workstations and the central identity vault.
  • Novell-engineered AFP and CIFS protocol support that allows enterprise-class scalability for Mac and PC client access to the network and file system.
  • iFolder, which now delivers group folders, multiple iFolders per user, and enhanced clients for Mac and Linux.
  • Enhanced upgrade tools that make it easier for customers to upgrade from NetWare to Open Enterprise Sever-Linux than from an older version of NetWare to the latest version of NetWare.

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  • Upgraded GUI and serverID swap that allow you to migrate the configuration of a running NetWare server to an Open Enterprise Server 2-Linux server
  • A dashboard view that identifies the job status, overall status, throughput, timings and more - during the entire migration
  • Ability to integrate tasks into a single overall view: Single entry of eDirectory/server details. Dependant services can be migrated together or separately.
  • Native 64-bit eDirectory can now use the entire addressable memory on an x86-64 CPU.
  • LDAP Auditing means enhanced authentication support, directory monitoring, as well as 64-bit versions of NCP, PKIS and NMAS.
  • Software Developer Kit (SDK) for iPrint that allows partners to provide print accounting tools for Linux.

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