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Find and Fix Problems Faster Anywhere Across Your Physical and Virtual Infrastructure

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BSM Dashboard then aggregates, normalizes and presents the data from all these sources in role-based views that provide you with single-pane-of-glass visibility into your specific areas of management responsibility. BSM Dashboard monitors availability and performance data across the entire IT environment, including both physical and virtual resources. It extends and adds value to your existing investments by making it easy to analyze the technical and business processes that depend on your IT resources.

At a glance, you can see the logical relationships between IT components and processes, the flow of IT issues from the source to other affected systems, and the type and severity of problems that business applications, processes and metrics are experiencing as a result.

Role-based views and integrated analytics, such as impact and root-cause analysis, enable you to spot an emerging problem at a high level of operations, then quickly drill down to determine the root cause and analyze the impact on dependent processes. Relieved of the need to perform forensic analysis across multiple, independent management platforms, you can monitor and manage the complete end-to-end environment in real time, finding and fixing problems with just a few clicks.

With performance data that’s instantly available, easy to understand and analyze, and presented within its complete IT and business context, you can discover and remedy problems before they seriously impact the systems on which your employees and customers rely.

One Solution, A Whole Bunch of Benefits

No other management solution available today can combine information from all these sources and deliver those kinds of results to all its users in a way that directly supports their decision-making responsibilities. By bridging all the information silos across your physical and virtual infrastructure—a feat that no other vendor today can match—Novell BSM Dashboard:

  • Provides a solid starting point for adopting a service-driven strategy. Virtualization is a key tool in the development of a responsive, fluid, dynamically managed IT environment. BSM Dashboard simplifies event management to help maximize day-to-day service levels. At the same time, it provides the visibility and control you need to confidently use virtualization in support of service strategy, design, transition, operation and improvement, as defined by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).
  • Reduces the duration and frequency of IT outages. Depending on the effectiveness of your current troubleshooting processes, customers report that the actionable information presented by BSM Dashboard can potentially reduce IT outages by 50 percent or more.
  • Provides a more effective physical and virtual IT infrastructure management platform. Data centers inevitably grow in size and complexity to meet the ever-growing need for rich data that supports business competitiveness. But complexity is the enemy of management efficiency. BSM Dashboard allows you to keep the various management platforms you’ve already deployed, while integrating all data and interrelationships into centralized, at-a-glance views with detailed drill-downs.

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  • Supports real-time business analytics. The health of your enterprise itself—not just its IT infrastructure—depends on the visibility into the performance of physical and virtual resources. For example, knowing how many customers are accessing a retail site and how well the site is performing can help you make decisions that keep more people on the site and drive them through to the order fulfillment page.
  • Serves as an information portal for customers and service providers. By providing a role-based BSM Dashboard view for your customers, you can offer them a real-time view into service levels and problem remediation status. This is a major competitive differentiator for your business compared to the dreaded “phone tag” that customers are used to playing.
  • Provides a rapid return on investment. The Novell BSM solution is fast and easy to install and configure, so you’ll realize a return on your investment in BSM Dashboard in as little as 90 days.

Seeing is Believing

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities, we’d like to show you a real-life example of how BSM Dashboard works from the viewpoint of an IT manager, operations manager and business executive.

Tune in to next month’s Novell Connection for a screen-by-screen walk-through of an actual usage scenario. We think you’ll be impressed enough to want to see a live demo. We can promise this: You’ve never seen anything like Novell BSM Dashboard before.


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