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Dive Deep at BrainShare 2010

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Don’t worry, Novell is not planning to install a 10-meter diving platform next to the Technology Lab or offer a new “SCUBA for Nerds” session track. At BrainShare 2010, “diving deep” is all about helping you take advantage of more in-depth, hands-on technical opportunities that can have an immediate impact on how you do your job. To make sure that happens, Novell is enhancing and expanding two of the most popular “deep dive” attractions at BrainShare—the Installation and Migration Depot and Novell Advanced Technical Training (ATT).

Migration without Frustration

If you’ve attended BrainShare before, you already know the Installation and Migration Depot gives attendees a unique opportunity to sit down at a workstation, install a variety of Novell software on actual systems and even bounce questions off Novell engineers and experts who are always standing by to share tips, tricks and insights.

Since its humble beginnings a few years ago, the Installation and Migration Depot has grown steadily in popularity, and every year Novell has added more hands-on stations to accommodate the demand. BrainShare 2010 accelerates this trend by making the Installation and Migration Depot an even larger and more prominent part of the new BrainShare IT Central area. This includes providing more migration stations than ever before and making more Novell products available for migrations. And for the first time ever, you’ll even have the option to schedule time at the Installation and Migration Depot through the online BrainShare session scheduler, so you can make sure there’s a seat available and make the very most of the time you spend at the Depot.

Ready for a Challenge?

Novell Advanced Technical Training (ATT) provides some of the most challenging, in-depth and hands-on training you’ll find anywhere. In 2010, Novell is bringing an unprecedented number of Novell Advanced Technical Training courses to Salt Lake City and making them an invaluable part of the BrainShare experience.

This includes more than 40 in-depth, hands-on courses (blocked into two-hour and half-day sessions) covering the complete range of Novell products. Every Novell Advanced Technical Training course at BrainShare is taught by full-time professional engineer-level trainers. Each ATT classroom provides a complete hands-on lab environment with all the hardware and software you’ll need to thoroughly explore Novell technology.

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Every Novell ATT session is packed with advanced troubleshooting, useful tips and tricks and plenty of other hard-hitting technical information.

Come on in, the Water’s Fine

If you’re looking to dive deep at BrainShare 2010, make sure you register early. Beginning on January 13th, 2010, you can use the online BrainShare scheduler to add specific Novell ATT courses to your schedule and reserve time at the Installation and Migration Depot. Starting February 22nd, make sure you complete the process by converting your wish list to your final BrainShare schedule. Novell ATT courses at BrainShare fill up quickly, so don’t wait to reserve your seat and confirm your schedule. After you complete these simple steps, you'll be all set to dive deep and take advantage of some of the most detailed, in-depth technical content BrainShare 2010 has to offer.

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