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Taking Advantage of Netbooks and the SUSE Edition of Moblin

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The SUSE edition of Moblin provides online collaboration tailored for netbooks with the inclusion of the Anjal e-mail client. Based on the Evolution project, Anjal blends seamlessly into the Moblin interface, providing a rich and efficient netbook messaging platform.
(See Figure 4.)

Even as an in-the-cloud computing device, netbooks will occasionally be used to view, create or work on an assortment of different productivity type documents. That’s why the SUSE edition of Moblin includes the powerful office productivity suite Novell Edition. As an open-source and full-featured alternative to Microsoft Office suite, Novell Edition supports open document format standards (ODF and OOXML), a wide range of Microsoft Office file formats and more.

A Game-Changing Opportunity

Of course there’s a lot more to the SUSE edition of Moblin that simply cannot be discussed in such a short article. You can get more details on the SUSE edition of Moblin or request a sales call by visiting If you want to dig deeper, you can even get a technology preview of the Moblin v2.0 Beta on openSUSE. In talking about the SUSE edition of Moblin, Novell CEO, Ronald W. Hovsepian indicates that Novell really views this new offering as a game-changing opportunity. So, whatever you do, take the opportunity now to see how the SUSE edition of Moblin can change your game.

A Profitable Opportunity

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The Netbook Paradigm


  • Figure 1

    The myzone screen in the Moblin interface provides you a snapshot view of recent activity on your netbook and within your social networks.

  • Figure 2

    You can easily access your favorite, recently viewed and all other Web sites through the integrated Moblin Web browser.

  • Figure 3

    The SUSE edition of Moblin comes standard with a wide variety of open source applications that enhance your netbook user experience.

  • Figure 4

    The Anjal e-mail client included with the SUSE edition of Moblin has been designed specifically for netbooks, providing a rich and efficient netbook messaging platform.

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