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The Subscription Management Tool for SUSE Linux Enterprise

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Simplified Compliance Monitoring

The Subscription Management Tool also enables you to locally track your SUSE Linux Enterprise devices, such as servers, desktops or point of service terminals. It lets you easily determine how many entitlements need to be renewed at the end of a billing cycle without requiring you to physically walk through the data center and manually update spreadsheets.

Based on data from the Novell Customer Center and gathered by the Subscription Management Tool, the Tool generates a weekly report that facilitates the monitoring of your license compliance. Reports can also be generated on demand. The reports present statistics on the registered machines, products used and information on active, expiring or missing license subscriptions. The reports provide warnings if any subscriptions are about to expire or if it detects insufficient licenses. Reports can be created in CSV, XML or PDF formats. Additionally, the Subscription Management Tool makes that same entitlement information available through your Novell Customer Center account to streamline the process.

Connecting the Disconnected

The Subscription Management Tool can also support networks that are completely disconnected from the public Internet, such as those in environments with high-security requirements. Even though the Subscription Management Tool servers cannot access the Internet from within these restricted environments, the Tool can leverage repository mirroring to provide the management support these disconnected servers need. (See Figure 5.)

To enable this support you need to have a Subscription Management Tool server (internal to the isolated segment) mirror its repositories, and then by leveraging a mobile storage medium, the internal server can then mirror from the Subscription Management Tool servers external to the isolated network segment. This can be accomplished by having the external server run a daily SMT-mirror job that uses a data base replacement file that writes to the mobile disk. After this job run, the mirrored repositories can be synchronized from the mobile disk to the internal server. This technique is sometimes referred to as "sneaker-netting."

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Innovative Management

Whether you want the ability to stage patches, centrally push packages to your managed devices, improve your compliance monitoring or facilitate management of your disconnected configurations, the Subscription Management Tool for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 delivers several exciting and innovative capabilities to better manage your Linux systems. To discover how the Tool can help you, take a look at the Subscription Management Tool deployment guide and download the Tool today.


  • Figure 1

    The Subscription Management Tool establishes a proxy system for Novell Customer Center that helps you centrally and securely manage software updates for your Linux systems.

  • Figure 2

    SMT automatically monitors the patch status of your registered Linux servers and clients.

  • Figure 3

    Using repository mirroring, the SMT lets you stage patches for testing before you push them out to your production environment.

  • Figure 4

    Patch staging can be easily managed from the Staging tab within the SMT interface.

  • Figure 5

    The Subscription Management Tool can support and manage disconnected networks.

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