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Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP2

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ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP2
Many of the enhancements specific to ZENworks Configuration Management were simply responses to common requests from customers. These suggestions include the addition of a bundle activity indicator, which is basically a progress bar that lets users know that ZENworks is performing some type of action on their devices. Other customer-requested enhancements include the ability to keep users from being removed from their volatile user cache for a set amount of time, the option to specify certain IP addresses be excluded from discovery tasks, TFTP folder replication, LDAP inventory importing and more.

In addition to addressing a significant number of common customer requests, Novell has also added Ghost imaging support to ZENworks Configuration Management. This enables customers to leverage existing investments in Ghost, but drive and manage the imaging and image deployment process from within the ZENworks Control Center.

ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP2 also enables you to manage devices outside your corporate firewall without requiring you to use a VPN. It employs a remote management proxy to route remote management requests and operations through your Network Address Translation (NAT) firewalls and routers.

ZENworks 10 Asset Management SP2

This support pack introduces a number of enhancements that are specific to ZENworks Asset Management as well. One of the first ones you’ll notice is the addition of a graphical snapshot of key asset management metrics in the ZENworks Control Center. This gives you a quick view into your license status and asset infrastructure.

License allocation is another key feature new to ZENworks Asset Management. (See Figure 1.) This allows you to allocate licenses by leveraging both device and demographic data, such as site, department or cost center. For example, you can allocate licenses to specific workstations as well as to all workstations at a specific site or within a certain department. Once these licenses are allocated, you can view whether or not they are actually being used and easily reallocate them as necessary.

The solution also displays new software usage data in the Discovered Product list and in the ZENworks Control Center. (See Figure 2.) This allows you to see how many products are installed against your licenses and how many of those licenses are actively being used.

Additionally, the migration utility for ZENworks Asset Management now supports Oracle-to-Oracle database migration of asset management data. As a result, you can migrate ZENworks Asset Management 7.5 data in one Oracle database to an Oracle database being used for ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP2.

ZENworks 10 Patch Management SP2

Specific to ZENworks Patch Management, this release delivers two main enhancements. The first enhancement focuses on improving the

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user's experience by providing a “snooze” capability for patch deployments. This allows administrators to configure a patch deployment to prompt users before actually laying down the patch and giving the user the option to delay the patch installation to a more convenient time. This can eliminate untimely work interruptions while still giving the administrator full control of when and how long a patch deployment can be delayed.

The second enhancement to ZENworks Patch Management is the addition of dashboard charts in the ZENworks Control Center. (See Figure 3.) This enhancement uses pie charts and line graphs to give administrators a quick summary of patch management status as well as patch compliance history. When needed, you can click on the graphics to drill down and see the detailed numbers behind the graphs.

In addition to these two main enhancements, ZENworks Patch Management has been updated in other areas as well, including a redesign of the vulnerabilities page and new filtering categories to further facilitate patch administration.

All of these shared and product-specific ZENworks improvements combine to enhance and simplify your overall administrative experience. They further improve the solution’s quality, stability and usability. They build on and strengthen the user-focused and policy-based management approach of Novell Endpoint Management solutions, while giving you even greater freedom of choice as a flexible cross-platform solution with a complete range of advanced configuration management capabilities that makes it easier than ever to manage your desktops.


  • Figure 1

    ZENworks 10 Asset Management SP2 lets you allocate licenses by device or demographics, such as by site, department or cost center.

  • Figure 2

    With ZENworks 10 Asset Management SP2 you can easily see how many of your licenses are actively being used.

  • Figure 3

    ZENworks 10 Patch Management SP2 presents a graphical dashboard in the ZENworks Control Center that gives you a quick summary of patch management status as well as patch compliance history.

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