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Our Most Versatile Training Option Gets Even Better for 2010

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As an IT administrator, do you have small amounts of down time sprinkled throughout your day while you wait for installations or upgrades to finish? Now you can use spare blocks of time like that to upgrade your own knowledge and become more competitive in your field. With changes and additions to its popular On-demand Training, Novell has the perfect training option to give you a boost in your next pay raise, a better chance at a promotion or at least a little more job security.

One of the great advantages of Novell training is its versatility. We are constantly improving our training options to respond to changing industry needs. At a time when job security is increasingly dependent upon your ability to perform efficiently and solve problems quickly, our training programs are essential to your on-going efforts to stay qualified and improve your skills. Accordingly, as we move into this new year, Novell is adding features to one of its best training options, On-demand Training, that will improve your skills and help make you indispensable.

Novell On-demand Training has always provided a convenient and flexible delivery method that is available whenever and wherever you are. Consisting of technology demos and recorded instructor lectures, On-demand Training eliminates the need for time away from work for travel and training, reducing expenses and lost productivity while still giving you the expertise you need to remain competitive.

A previous article, What You Need, When You Need It: Getting Novell On-demand Training When You Want It Wherever You Are, summarizes the benefits that make On-demand Training such an attractive training option. These include its value, flexibility, convenience, quality and content. Since its introduction, Novell has continued to add to the expanding content of On-demand Training, and future articles will highlight new courses that will be added this year. But as 2010 is getting under way, new features are already increasing the value, flexibility and overall quality of this training. These include On-demand Training's support of Quick Fix with modules that deal with common support issues, as well as the soon-to-be-introduced simulations and quizzes.

Support Quick Fix

These short training modules address a wide range of topics such as common technical support issues, migrations, troubleshooting and advanced coverage of specific product features or functionality. For example, Implementing Password Management: How to Stop that Phone from Ringing is a Quick Fix module that is already available in On-demand Training. (See Figure 1.) It can help you learn how to reduce, and maybe even eliminate, those pesky, time-wasting end-user phone calls to the Help Desk when users forget their passwords or want help resetting them. For many Help Desks, that can be a majority of calls. Reducing those calls by even half could free up your Help Desk staff to work on higher priority projects. Now imagine eliminating them altogether!

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This year, Novell On-demand Training is adding more of these useful Quick Fix support modules. For instance, if you have upgraded or are planning to upgrade to the next generation of Novell ZENworks, you will not want to miss one of the Migrations Quick Fixes-Migrating a Traditional Novell ZENworks Environment to Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management. It will answer most of your questions about the migration and even walk you through the process so you see exactly how it works. Then you'll be much more comfortable when you migrate your own environment.

One of the Troubleshooting Quick Fixes, Novell eDirectory Advanced Troubleshooting, can help you resolve some of the more advanced support issues customers have with eDirectory without having to contact a Novell Customer Support Technician.

If you want some advanced training of specific product features, Managing Software Packages and Bundles with Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management will teach you not only how to manage the software applications you have installed on your network and workstations, but also how to stay within your legal license limits when it comes to Sarbanes-Oxley reporting. You can never be too safe when it comes to that.


  • Figure 1

    One of the Quick Fix modules that is already available in On-demand Training can help you learn how to reduce, and maybe even eliminate, those pesky, time-wasting end-user phone calls to the Help Desk when users forget their passwords or want help resetting them.

  • Figure 2

    Quizzes help you make sure you have mastered the material covered in a given module. They are already implemented in CLA and CLP courses. In 2010 Novell will be adding them to all courses being released by the end of the summer of 2010.

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