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Our Most Versatile Training Option Gets Even Better for 2010

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Coming Soon: Simulations and Quizzes

In the coming months we'll be adding simulations and quizzes to many of the On-demand Training modules. These simulations show the product in action and focus on the steps in the lab. You can interact with it in a simulated working environment so you can take the same steps the instructor takes. Some of the simulations that will be released by BrainShare in March of 2010 are for the Novell Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) courses: Course 3101 and Course 3102. Novell will continue to add simulations to courses as they are released.

Quizzes help you make sure you have mastered the material covered in a given module. (See Figure 2.) Novell already has quizzes in the CLA and Novell Certified Linux Professional (CLP) courses and will start adding quizzes to all courses being released by the end of the summer of 2010.

Why Novell On-demand Training in 2010 Cannot Be Beat

We've been working hard to improve the already-great benefits of Novell On-demand Training. With these new features, you get an even greater value at the same price; both the quality of the training and its content are improved with the addition of simulations and Quick Fix support. Now you can even make sure you master the improved content with the quizzes.

With these additions, the advantages of On-demand Training are greater than ever. Even random moments of downtime can now be productive. So next time you have a few extra minutes to wait for an upgrade or installation to finish, or even those last few minutes of your lunch break, take that time to invest in yourself: earn a little more job security and go through an On-demand Training module. Take your pick. There are a lot of options and we keep adding more all the time.

Stay tuned, because in the next few issues of Novell Connection, we'll keep you up to date with what we're adding to the On-demand Training Library so you can stay up to date with your job security.

What Customers Are Saying about On-demand Training

"The Novell On-demand Training gave me the tools and flexibility to get my team trained and certified at convenient times for them. With traditional training methods it would have required a significant time investment that would have prevented many of our engineers from being able to participate." - Dan Elder

"The On-demand Training site makes it easier to attend training. You can go at your own speed and in your spare time. If you can't complete an entire module in one session, when you start back up again, you can pick up from where you left off. It is perfect for people whose schedule changes from day to day." - Annette Barragan

"On-demand Training is the best type of training for me because I can access it whenever I want, and from wherever I want, even when I'm on the road making field visits to our satellite offices." - David, Tennessee

"The best part about On-demand Training for me is that I can go through the training modules as many times as I want until I really know I have the information under my control. Some of them have really helped prepare me for Linux certification exams. I love On-demand! - Elaine, New Jersey

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  • Figure 1

    One of the Quick Fix modules that is already available in On-demand Training can help you learn how to reduce, and maybe even eliminate, those pesky, time-wasting end-user phone calls to the Help Desk when users forget their passwords or want help resetting them.

  • Figure 2

    Quizzes help you make sure you have mastered the material covered in a given module. They are already implemented in CLA and CLP courses. In 2010 Novell will be adding them to all courses being released by the end of the summer of 2010.

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