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Meet Your New Novell Connection

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Written by Mariangel Babbel

Dear Novell Connection Readers,
Our little magazine has certainly come a long way since its creation as a traditional, print-only user group publication back in the late '80s, and many factors have influenced the magazine's growth and development over the years. The dramatic transformation of the publishing industry has played a significant role as we've moved to a more interactive e-zine format. The exploding breadth and depth of Novell product offerings have also had an obvious impact (anyone remember when Novell Connection magazine was called NetWare Connection?). But without question, loyal readers like you have been the biggest, most influential and most consistent driving force behind the magazine's ongoing evolution.

In that long tradition of positive, reader-driven change, the Novell Connection editorial staff is pleased to announce some important improvements and changes to the 2010 version of the magazine. Of course, the core mission and purpose of Novell Connection remain the same. We're still completely committed to providing you with the best possible technical and business information about Novell technologies and solutions. However, as we've listened to and internalized your suggestions, we've developed new ways to organize that content more efficiently, deliver it more effectively and make it more relevant to our readers.

What does all this mean for you? If we've done our jobs, it means a richer, more interactive and more rewarding experience every time you visit Novell Connection. Here are a few of the highlights:

Web Friendly

If you're a regular reader, you've probably already noticed a number of improvements to the site's design, layout and navigation. For example, a new animated, interactive banner highlights each month's featured articles. Improved navigation menus and tools, including a convenient list of the most popular current articles, make it easier to find the content you're looking for more quickly. And a single column layout makes articles much easier to read on a computer screen.

"As we've listened to and internalized your suggestions, we've developed new ways to organize that content more efficiently, deliver it more effectively and make it more relevant to our readers."

More Content You Can Use

Content has always been king at Novell Connection. But now, we're taking that commitment to the next level. This starts with even more in-depth, hard-hitting technical articles, tips and tricks and other content designed specifically to help you do your job. It also includes more perspectives and insights from industry experts. For example, you'll find regular articles, blog posts and tweets from security guru Laura Chappell in our exclusive "Laura Chappell's Corner." Finally, the new Novell Connection includes more links to useful resources—like .mp3 audio recordings of featured articles, Facebook page and Twitter feed links to keep you connected to Novell, .pdf versions of the complete magazine and more links to additional content. We've even started combining similarly themed articles from different issues into "Special Editions." At Novell Connection, it's all about serving up the best possible content, putting it in context and presenting it in the formats that work best for you.

It's Your Magazine

What would you like to see most in Novell Connection? More tips, tricks and tutorials for Novell products? More industry news and software reviews? More coverage of specific Novell offerings? The occasional article on how to overclock your new PC or trick out your Linux desktop? Well, we're listening, and we need your input. Today, more than ever, your feedback directly guides the editorial direction of the magazine. So please take the time to click the Feedback link, send us your suggestions and help us make Novell Connection an even more responsive, reader-guided publication.

All of the changes and improvements we've made to Novell Connection are designed to make the magazine more useful as you work to make the most of your Novell technology. So take a close look at the changes we've made. Take advantage of all the new tools and resources we've added. And let us know how we can continue to make Novell Connection an even more valuable and versatile tool.

Mariangel Babbel
Novell Connection

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