Connection Novell® Connection Magazine // DEC 2010 
Hidden Gems  
Looking for a golden egg? Learn how Novell ZENworks Configuration Management and ZENworks Asset Management support your asset management best practices to reduce costs.  
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Mobilize Your Workforce with BlackBerry  
Make your Novell GroupWise users more mobile than ever before with the latest version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server.  
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Avoid Disaster in Disaster Recovery  
Choosing between affordable and effective with your disaster recovery solution? PlateSpin Forge and PlateSpin Protect span the gap for Windows and Linux.  
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Protecting Your Data with Novell Compliance
Management Platform
Find out how Novell Compliance Management Platform provides an integrated IAM and SIEM system to monitor and correlate policies in real time across the enterprise.   Read: + Full Article
Two Paths to Server Performance  
Explore two paths where SUSE Linux Enterprise Server can help you enhance server performance-the I/O scheduler and the file system.  
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Always in Sync  
Take an in-depth look at how the architectural elements of Novell Data Synchronizer combine to deliver real-time synchronization that your users need.  
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Population Automation  
Populating a CMDB and maintaining its accuracy is one of the biggest challenges in Business Service Management. Now there's an efficient, automated solution.  
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From Microsoft Windows XP to Windows 7  
Reduce the risk, effort and cost of migrating your Windows XP workstations to Windows 7 using the Novell six-step methodology and ZENworks Configuration Management.   Read: + Full Article
Raise Your Workload IQ  
Get more value from virtualization and cloud computing by making all your workloads more intelligent.   Read: + Full Article
Does the iPad Really Mean Business?  
Does Apple's new iPad have anything to offer your business? Find out why it's a question you probably shouldn't ignore.  
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