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Intelligent Workload Measurement

Novell Operations Center monitors and measures service level performance

Written by Bill Tobey

If there’s any management function that becomes indispensable as we start repackaging key business services as portable workloads, it’s the ability to monitor state and measure performance no matter where those workloads are running. Measuring service performance was hard enough when everything ran on physical resources safely within our own firewalls. Today we’re virtualizing many of those physical systems, seeding clouds in our own data centers, consuming some applications as SaaS while running others in public infrastructure clouds like Amazon EC2.

These hybrid environments add tremendous complexity to service management, and the fact that we no longer own or operate all the spaces where our services run doesn’t begin to get us off the hook for our SLA commitments. We started down the road to virtualization and cloud computing in search of standardization, efficiency, service quality and economy; if we can’t measure service performance accurately there’s no way to know whether we’re accomplishing anything.

IDC describes the challenge like this: “The nearly constant stream of workload provisioning and system configuration changes that occur in highly virtualized cloud computing environments results in the creation of a large volume of events, logs, and notifications across the system. IT organizations need tools that can effectively correlate these data streams and provide relevant metrics to track service level, root cause, compliance and fulfillment status, and drive automated remediation activities as needed.[1]”

In fact, monitoring and measurement require two distinct types of functionality:

  • First, the ability to connect all the available silos of IT information, correlate events in the IT infrastructure with the services they affect, and monitor those event streams for significant service impacts.
  • Second, the ability to integrate IT and business performance metrics in ways that capture the contribution and significance of each service to the business, are meaningful to business users, and are continuously available to all stakeholders in near real time.

Novell Operations Center: The WorkloadIQ Solution for Service Measurement

In the Novell portfolio of WorkloadIQ solutions, Novell Operations Center provides management, monitoring and measurement of key business services across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Novell Operations Center monitors service performance and availability, models the relationships between services and the underlying infrastructure, and provides automated real-time measurement. It integrates the outputs of existing management tools with business context, creating a business-centric view of the most complex IT environments. It is available with connectors to most leading third-party systems and infrastructure management solutions, and is, of course, tightly integrated with all Novell identity, security and management solutions, including:

  • Novell Cloud Manager
  • Novell PlateSpin Recon
  • Novell Sentinel
  • Novell Identity Manager
  • Novell ZENworks (includes Novell ZENworks Asset Management, Novell ZENworks Configuration Management, and Novell ZENworks Linux Management)

Novell Operations Center is available as a complete business service management solution, or in three focused solutions that let customers build their service management capabilities flexibly and incrementally.

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