Quickly Deploy Your New Software.

With Start we help you get a pilot or starter installation of your product running so you can see the most popular features and understand how your investment will fit into your environment.

Start is a 2-week rapid deployment of your product, after which our experts will work with your team to ensure a smooth transition and pass on the knowledge you need to expand your starter installation.

After Start, you'll be ready to explore everything else your solution can do.

Start Offerings:

Service Desk

We'll review your current service desk and your requirements for the future, then create a starter installation of Service Desk. We'll establish a base configuration and review service desk administration and operations with your staff.

GroupWise Mobility Pack

We'll review your current GroupWise® environment and mobile messaging requirements, then create a starter installation of GroupWise Mobility Pack and establish the base configuration for mobile messaging. We'll then deploy the solution to ten pilot mobile devices. Finally, we'll review Mobility Pack administration and operations with your staff.

Micro Focus® Vibe

We'll start by discussing your messaging and collaboration requirements, then create a starter installation of Vibe. After establishing a base configuration, we'll configure Vibe to support a collaboration use case you choose. We'll also review Vibe administration and operations with your team.


We will first study your current file environment and help you prepare it for mobile access and sharing. Then we'll provide a starter installation of Filr and configure the solution on 10 desktops and 10 mobile devices. Finally, we'll provide a plan for deploying Filr throughout your environment.

For more information, read the flyer.

Mobile Management

After a study of your environment and needs, you'll get a Mobile Management installation complete with the solution loaded on 10 pilot mobile devices. You'll also receive a plan for organization-wide deployment.

For more information, read the flyer.

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