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Novell IT Consulting and its partners can help you with all your technical challenges, speeding the adoption of your Novell solution. From beginning to end, Novell IT Consulting has proven methodologies and phases to ensure your success. Such phases include:


During the Discovery phase, Novell IT Consulting and its partners establish the business needs for the solution and define the high-level project scope by identifying your business drivers and needs. This establishes a context for structuring a high-level solution that defines boundary conditions and, most importantly, the scope for the engagement. Typical activities during Discovery phase are scoping and direction setting.


The Inception phase is the delivery start of the engagement and includes launching the project and developing a deeper understanding of your business environment and the architectural makeup of the solution. Inception phase activities include initial architectural design and requirements assessments.


The purpose of the Elaboration phase is to deeply analyze the problem domain, extend the high-level architecture definition and establish a sound, detailed design for the solution. It is during the Elaboration phase that we see the level of effort take a dramatic turn towards the detailed engineering decisions required to implement a successful solution. The main activity during the Elaboration phase is creating the detailed design for your solution.


During the Construction phase, Novell IT Consulting and its partners create the solution as defined by the deliverables from the Elaboration phase. The Construction phase is more of a manufacturing process where emphasis is placed on managing resources and controlling operations to optimize costs, schedules, and quality. Activities during this phase include building, configuring, and custom developing your solution along with integration testing.


Once your solution has been delivered, Novell assists you with user-acceptance testing and deploying the solution into the target production environment. The Transition phase also includes the activation of support processes and resources that the customer will leverage after deployment. Typical activities include detailed user acceptance testing, deployment, establishing ongoing support, and knowledge transfer to your staff.

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When you engage Novell IT Consulting, delivered directly from Novell or one of our trusted partners, you benefit from:

Why Novell IT Consulting?

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