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Remote Server Navigation from OES NetWare to OES Linux or Vice Versa using NetWare FTP Server

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By S Ashwin

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Posted: 22 Feb 2006


As OES customer deployments with mixed trees having both NetWare and Linux are increasing, it is becoming more important that data migration between NetWare servers and Linux servers are given a high priority.

One method of data transfer between Linux and NetWare is by using NetWare FTP server's remote server navigation. The FTP server needs to be up and running only on the NetWare OES server and need not be installed or running on the Linux OES server.


The following steps are to configure servers in a mixed tree to achieve remote server navigation using NetWare FTP server.

OES NetWare Sever installation

Select the following components while installing NetWare server along with your desired components

  • FTP server
  • eDirectory Configuration

Join your server to your existing tree or you can make a new tree.

Note: Ensure that your NetWare server and Linux server have DNS entries and they are synchronized.

Refer to the OES NetWare Server installation guide for more detailed steps:

OES LINUX Server Installation

While installing OES Linux server, the following components must be selected along with your desired components.

  • NCP server and its components
  • NSS File System.
  • eDirectory

Note: Use EVMS for creating NSS file system.

Join your OES Linux server to the existing tree where you have installed NetWare.

Refer to the OES Linux installation guide for detailed steps:

Creating volumes on the OES Linux server

Type "ncpcon" on shell as shown below

ncpcon will launch below NCP console

Type the command below in the NCP console to create a volume:

create volume <volume name>  <file system path>

To list the volume you just created type volumes.

Note: If you would like to explore more on ncpcon, type "help". This will list all the options available in ncpcon. Volumes can be created for NSS,Ext3 and Raiser file systems. Also make sure NCP server is running on the Linux server.

Accessing a Linux Remote Server using NetWare FTP Server

The remote server can be another Linux server or NetWare server, provided they are in the same tree.

Start FTP session to NetWare server from any client, either from Windows or Linux.

After logging into the eDirectory tree using FTP client, users can access files and directories on a remote Linux server, whether or not the server is running FTP Server software on Linux.

The NCP protocol lets you transfer files and navigate to and from remote eDirectory servers.

During remote server navigation, to check the server to which you are doing FTP operations, execute the quote stat command. This displays the current server you are navigating to in the statistics listing.

Once you are in FTP prompt you can navigate to Linux server by issuing following command:

cd //<Remote Linux Server Name>/<Volume Name>

The double slash in the above syntax is for accessing the remote server, where token following double slash should be the remote server name.

Note: You can also use IP address of remote server.

File operations such as get, put, and delete can be used on the remote server, even without changing directory path to that server.

Using the following commands to get a file from remote Linux server

get //remote_server_name/volume/directory path/filename
put  //remote_server_name/volume/directory path/filename
delete  //remote_server_name/volume/directory path/filename

Hint: Refer to the FTP NetWare Server documentation for configuration details of FTP server.

Paths Formats

Task Command Format
Specifying the volume and directory path name //server_name/volume_name/directory_path
Navigating to different volumes cd /volume_name
Switching back to the home directory cd ~
Switching to home directory of any user cd ~user_name
Switching to the root of the remote server cd /


By using the remote server navigation feature of the OES NetWare FTP server, you can transfer your data and navigate to and from the OES Linux server without running FTP server on OES Linux.

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