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A Data Backup and Recovery Strategy
If you're looking for a data backup and recovery solution, check out this new AppNote by Eugene Phua. He explains how to implement an inexpensive and elegant data backup and recovery strategy that will help you minimize downtime in the event of a disaster.

Accessing eDirectory on NetWare from Perl
Here's an AppNote from David Bank that shows you how to access eDirectory on NetWare from a Perl script.

Active Directory Driver Basics
This AppNote by Aaron Burgemeister provides a comprehensive guide to getting the Microsoft Active Directory (MAD) driver working smoothly with Identity Manager.

Adding Features and Controlling eDirectory Automated Installations
Selva Muthu Kumaran T, a Software Consultant for the eDirectory Installation Team, shares this AppNote for automating and customizing eDirectory installations.

Alternative Method of Installing Plugins for iManager
In this AppNote, Talekar Nagareshwar explains an easy way to get your plug-ins installed in iManager.

AppNote: A Rough Guide to Accelerating Virtual Office through iChain.
Mark Russell provides a basic configuration to help get you started with iChain and have your Virtual Office available outside of your network.

AppNote: Accelerating Outlook Web Access (OWA) Server 2003 with Forms Based Authentication
This AppNote by Bart Andries describes how to configure iChain to accelerate and Single Sign-on to Outlook Web Access with Forms Based Authentication Enabled.

AppNote: Advanced patching of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 with ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM) 7.2
Freshly updated with reader suggestion. ZLM 7.2 is a powerful Linux systems management suite, that provides centralized control of up to hundreds of managed devices. One of the main capabilities is automated system patching, but by default ZLM 7.2 adopts the classic software package overlay approach, also for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 devices. In this document we will thus explore how the native mechanisms of ZLM 7.2 can be used to orchestrate advanced ZYPP-based patching of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 managed devices.

AppNote: Alternate Approach to Maintaining NBM Packet Filters
This AppNote helps you leverage Novell LDAP utilities for adding, modifying, and deleting filters collectively, or adding filters individually. This solution works even without using FILTCFG or iManager.

AppNote: Automating the Installation and Execution of Spybot Search & Destroy with ZENworks
Bill Geschwind outlines how to install and run Spybot Search & Destroy remotely, automatically and as unobtrusively as possible using ZENworks for Desktops.

AppNote: Backup and Restore with DirXML in a Mixed Environment
Phil Kelly describes how to set up a consistent and functional backup and restore system. Phil's system addresses the issues of providing services to both sides of a multi-platform DirXML connection.

AppNote: Basic Linux/Samba Authentication with eDirectory on Novell Linux Small Business Server
This article by Mark Robinson shows you how to configure LDAP authentication to eDirectory from Samba/PAM without the use of NMAS/LUM.

AppNote: BorderManager Clustering with Load Balancing
With this AppNote from BorderManager guru Steve Aitken, you can set up a two-node BorderManager web proxy cluster, with load balancing enabled between both nodes. You can even use two different ISP's with this solution - check it out!

AppNote: Building Blocks for SecureLogin Scripting
This document puts forward a standard approach to scripting applications within the Novell SecureLogin environment. It explains the building blocks that must be included within the scripts for Windows, Web, and Terminal Emulation applications.

AppNote: Building Nterprise Deployment Solutions using NetWare 6.5
This AppNote offers technical insight into Novell's new PXE-based Imaging Deployment Solution. Learn how to build Nterprise deployment solutions using NetWare 6.5 in the context of blade servers, and discover new technologies from Novell and its partners that facilitate unattended (fully automated) and scripted, semi-automated deployments.

AppNote: Centralized Management of NetWare Traps via ZENworks 7 MMS Console
This AppNote explains the effective usage of "Trap Configuration" available in ZENworks 7 Management and Monitoring services. This can be leveraged to manage NetWare Server and/or NDS Traps sent from the Managed Servers to a designated Site Server.

AppNote: CISCO IOS 12.2(11) T with NBM 3.8 Server
This AppNote describes the basic design and interoperability of an IP VPN network on top of a public network infrastructure using CISCO 2600 IOS 12.2 T with a Novell BorderManager 3.8 VPN server (site-to-site mode). *Newly updated by Chendil Kumar*

AppNote: Clustering eDirectory and IDM on Windows 2003
A cluster for eDirectory and Identity Manager (with drivers) on top of Windows 2003 Enterprise Server ... is it possible? Yes, thanks to this AppNote from Cool Solutions guru Michel Bluteau - get the step-by-step process here.

AppNote: Configuration of ZENworks Linux Management with Oracle 9i R2 Database
ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM) requires either a PostgreSQL or Oracle database for storing ZENworks-related data. This Appnote explains how to extend the Oracle schema to configure the ZLM server with Oracle database. It also describes how to set up Oracle database on SLES9x server.

AppNote: Configuring Active Directory to Allow Anonymous Queries for NSL LDAP Client
This AppNote from Talekar Nagareshwar explains how to configure Active Directory to allow anonymous queries. The permissions you need to give for anonymous users and how to set these permissions are explained in detail, from a SecureLogin perspective.

AppNote: Configuring an IPsec Tunnel between NBM and NSM
In this AppNote from Guarav Vaidya, you'll learn how to get a site-to-site VPN connection configured between BorderManager 3.8 and Novell Security Manager 5.1.

AppNote: Configuring an IPSec Tunnel for Cisco and NBM
This AppNote discusses how to set up an IPSec tunnel between the Novell BorderManager 3.8 VPN Gateway and the Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator Series Router.

AppNote: Configuring an OpenSLP DA on OES or SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers
Peter Strifas explains how to configure your SLP environment to use OpenSLP on Novell's OES based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as a Directory Agent. He also explains how to configure a Novell Client on a Windows workstation to use SLP services from the same OES-SLES server.

AppNote: Configuring GroupWise on Novell Linux Small Business Suite 9.0 to use an Existing eDirectory Tree
Michael Fritch explains how to configure GroupWise on a Novell Linux Small Business Suite 9.0 (NLSBS) server using an already existing eDirectory tree.

AppNote: Configuring SonicWALL for S2S VPN
This handy article by Cool Solutions reader John Fuge explains how to configure the SonicWALL security appliance to work with a BorderManager 3.8 Master Server. Screen shots and procedure steps are included to make the configuration easy and straightforward.

AppNote: Coordinating NT Domain Group Membership using NAM 3.0
This article documents the process using Novell Account Manager 3 to properly synchronize users from an eDirectory 8.7/ NetWare network to an NT Domain server. Bill Valaski details how he used NDS Group object memberships to work as the "trigger" for synchronization.

AppNote: Creating ZENworks Inventory Reports Using the Crystal Reports Designer
Freshly Updated: A solution for creating customized Inventory reports using Crystal Decisions' Crystal Reports for Novell's ZENworks for Desktops 4, ZENworks for Servers 3, and ZENworks 6, 6.5, 7 has been developed. This AppNote explains how ZENworks administrators can create a variety of reports from the ZENworks Inventory database with minimal effort.

AppNote: Customizing Password Self-Service
Password Self-Service is a cool and free utility from Novell. It allows users to change, reset or remember their password in a secure fashion and provides advanced password rules. In all, it can bring down the total number of helpdesk calls tremendously. However, by default Password Self-Service is only translated for a few languages. Here's how to fix that.

AppNote: Delivering Fault Tolerant MSI Applications using ZENworks for Desktops 4.0.1
One issue with fault tolerant application configuration is that it is not very successful with the delivery of applications packaged using MSI (Microsoft Software Installer) technology. Laurence Pitt provides a dynamic method of resolving the closest local location for an MSI application that allows for replication using ZENworks for Servers and requires minimal configuration at each location.

AppNote: Designing and Building Applications on Directories
Imagine if you could build applications right on top of your directory, instead of on an SQL database. Now it's a reality, thanks to this development guide from long-time Cool Solutions contributor Michel Bluteau. Build it with C#.NET, move it to Linux ... it's all here.

AppNote: Directions in NetWare Programming
Here's another great AppNote from Russell Bateman. This one discusses the features and functionality of NetWare's programming environment for writing applications that run as NetWare-loadable Modules (NLMs) on NetWare.

AppNote: Directory Design for Identity Management Solutions
Here's a cool AppNote from Garth Williamson of Novell's World Wide Consulting Resolution Team (CRT) that sheds some useful light on SIM directory design principles and synchronization. Get educated - and build a stronger Identity Management Solution for your organization.

AppNote: Directory Primer - eDirectory 8.7 Features
Here's a nice explanation of some new features in eDirectory 8.7 and Directory administration through iManager.

AppNote: eDirectory Administration on Windows
Jeff Fischer explains how to administer eDirectory running on a Windows Server and use the common NetWare tools on Windows 2000. True to the fine tradition of AppNotes, this is packed with screen shots and the kind of detail that makes it eminently print-worthy. Thanks, Jeff!

AppNote: Effective use of Advanced Trending Agent
Come get an in depth look at the Advanced Trending Agent and learn how to use the Advanced Trending Agent effectively to monitor any SNMP OID on a managed server. This new AppNote explains how to configure the trending agent and how to create views in ConsoleOne to see the trend and alarm information. It also explains ways to retrieve the trend information and use it through any third-party tool.

AppNote: Enhancing ZENworks Desktop Management with AutoIt
Novell's Eugene Phua provides detailed instructions that will help you use AutoIT integrated with ZENworks to install programs without user intervention. Very useful to add to your bag of tricks.

AppNote: F11 - Your Key to Email that Stands Out
Generating graphics-rich content for GroupWise 6.5 email has never been easier. Taking advantage of the power of HTML and the convenience of the F11 key, you can easily create newsletters, signature cards and more! Sarah Woods has provided detailed instructions and the code to get you started.

AppNote: File Sharing in Novell Nterprise Linux Services 1.0
The Samba server has become the preferred way on many platforms to share files and printers, and it is supported by all Windows clients. With Samba installed on a Linux server, the Linux server can provide the same functionality as a Windows server: with Samba, Linux can provide SMB based (Windows) file and print services to end-users, and there are even claims that the Samba server does this faster than Windows. In this new AppNote, Sander van Vugt explains how to use it with Nterprise Linux Services 1.0.

AppNote: Filtering Exceptions
Here's another BorderManager AppNote. This one helps you configure exceptions on an NBM 3.8 Server Firewall to access Novell Services. Read about firewall setup, stateful filters, outbound and inbound exceptions, and more ...

AppNote: Getting Settable Parameter Values in NetWare
This How-to AppNote discusses how to obtain the values of command-line-settable parameters from a NetWare-loadable Module (NLM) and explores creating and maintaining your own settable parameters. (Freshly updated.)

AppNote: High Availability with the NBM VPN - Client to Site
This AppNote describes how to deploy multiple NBM VPN servers with a load-balanced and fault-tolerant configuration, in a client-to-site scenario.

AppNote: How to Configure and Troubleshoot iChain 2.3 Issues Accelerating a Citrix MetaFrame Server
Updated: This AppNote explains the key steps required to get iChain working with Citrix. You'll also find some great troubleshooting tools and tips.

AppNote: How to Implement a 2 Node Cluster without External Shared Storage
Eugene Phua explains how to implement a 2 Node Cluster service on NetWare 6.5. This solution is ideal for services that have data that are either static or small. A NetWare 6.5 cluster can be implemented without any shared storage and it has all the advantages of a cluster. Since the applications do not require data storage, this solution requires only 2 NetWare 6.5 servers, and this should be affordable for most companies.

AppNote: How to Implement Login Scripts into a Pure Linux Environment
Written for existing Linux admins, this appnote explains in detail the various options and requirements for various Login Scripts in Linux. From LDAP to Crontab, this appnote is very informative.

AppNote: How to Renew a Novell Certificate that was issued by an External CA
If you have a Novell certificate that is about to expire, take a look at this new AppNote by Patrick Coomans. He has provided step-by-step instructions on how to renew a certificate in iChain that has been signed by a third-party certificate authority.

AppNote: How to Use the View Builder Framework
This AppNote discusses the configuration of different types of views using the View Builder framework. Also explains how the View Builder framework is useful in monitoring and managing a typical heterogeneous network environment.

AppNote: HTTP Proxy Logging to Novell Audit in Novell BorderManager 3.8
This AppNote by Novell engineer Krishna CC explains how to to capture the log events reported by BorderManager into Novell Audit. The AppNote also explains how to query Novell Audit to get and analyze the log report, and how to use MySQL commands to query log report.

AppNote: iChain 2.2 - Developing a Custom OLAC Driver
Check out this great new AppNote by Shane Johns. He has provided detailed instructions on how to develop a custom OLAC driver for iChain 2.2.

AppNote: iChain Authentication Process
iChain 2.3 can authenticate users in different ways. Not only can it accept user credentials using different methods but it can also validate the credentials using different methods. In this article, Martin Day explains the different authentication options that are available.

AppNote: iFolder 3.1 on NSS with OES SP1
Andrew Grant shares some instructions on how to install and configure iFolder 3 to work on NSS. Update: Andrew discovered a race condition that affects iFolder on NSS. The problem is that if Tomcat comes up before the NSS daemon, iFolder simply doesn't start. Check the solution here.

AppNote: iFolder Data Cleanup in eDirectory
Have you ever deleted an eDirectory user and tried to figure out what iFolder data directory needs to be cleaned up afterwards? One of the developers of iFolder created this utility that helps you find out which iFolder directory belongs to which user.

AppNote: iFolder Features, Configuration, and Best Practices
Come find out about the new features and improvements in iFolder 2.0 (like recoverable pass phrases, PDA Access, terrific scalability, and Cluster support. And oh, by the way, it runs on Linux...

AppNote: iFolder on Open Enterprise Server Linux Cluster using iSCSI
This AppNote describes how to configure iFolder on iSCSI-based Linux cluster. The objective is to provide an alternative to original cluster hardware which is more costly than an ISCSI. Even setting up and configuring any service is very simple on iSCSI.

AppNote: Implementing iFolder Server in the DMZ with iFolder Data inside the Firewall
With NetWare 6.5, you are able to configure a high availability iFolder solution that is both secure and inexpensive. It is secure because your data is protected inside the firewall. It is inexpensive because you only need three NetWare 6.5 servers without the costly SAN equipment. And since licenses are based on users, you can install as many NetWare 6.5 servers as you want; you are only limited by the number of servers you have. Eugene Phua explains exactly how to put it all together in this nicely detailed AppNote.

AppNote: Installation and Configuration of 2 Node iSCSI Based Cluster Using NetWare 6.5 SP1
NetWare 6.5 supports the iSCSI - a new internet standard which defines how industry standard SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) storage protocols are run over industry standard TCP/IP. iSCSI on Gigabit Ethernet hardware is a fraction of the cost of a full Fiber Channel SAN solution. The iSCSI Target and Initiator components included in NetWare 6.5 allow NetWare 6.5 to be used as an iSCSI Disk Server (shared disk system) for Novell Cluster Services.

AppNote: Installation and Configuration of 2 Node iSCSI Based Cluster Using NetWare 6.5 SP1
NetWare 6.5 supports the iSCSI - a new internet standard which defines how industry standard SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) storage protocols are run over industry standard TCP/IP. iSCSI on Gigabit Ethernet hardware is a fraction of the cost of a full Fiber Channel SAN solution. The iSCSI Target and Initiator components included in NetWare 6.5 allow NetWare 6.5 to be used as an iSCSI Disk Server (shared disk system) for Novell Cluster Services.

AppNote: Installing iFolder Storage
Check out this great new AppNote that explains the business benefits of iFolder, and then tells you how to get it all up and running.

AppNote: Installing NetWare 6.5 SP4a / OES-NW SP1 onto HP Blades
Updated: Greg Riedesel describes how to install NetWare 6.5 SP4a or Open Enterprise Server SP1 - NetWare to an HP Bladeserver, using HP supplied tools. At the end of the process you will have a blade image from which installations of Open Enterprise Server - NetWare can be run quickly.

AppNote: Installing Oracle 10g Application Server on SLES9
This second article in the three-article series focuses on getting Application Server for Oracle installed so you can use Identity Manager to synchronize with Oracle Databases.

AppNote: Installing Oracle 10g on SLES9
Note: This is the first article in a three-part series by Michel Bluteau that will help you set up access to multiple Oracle databases with Identity Manager.

AppNote: Installing Oracle Applications 11i on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 SP1
Michel Bluteau explains in this great step-by-step AppNote how to install Oracle Applications 11i on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 SP1.

AppNote: Installing ZENworks 10 Configuration Management using External Certificates
Novell SysOp Jared Jennings details how to use a Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) or Novell eDirectory Certificate Authority to sign the required certificates for ZENworks 10 Configuration Management. Enjoy!

AppNote: Integrating NDS in K12LTSP
Here's a nifty article contributed by CriticalControl Solutions (Canada), a leading IT solutions proivider. Find out how to authenticate LTS users against an NDS server and mount NDS homes as Linux homes on the LTS.

AppNote: Interoperability of Cisco PIX 500 and NBM 3.8 VPN
This AppNote describes in detail how to configure and set up an IPsec tunnel between the NBM 3.8 VPN gateway and the Cisco PIX 500 Series Firewall.

AppNote: Interoperation Guide - VPN Tracker and NBM 3.8.4 Server
This AppNote from Aruna Kumari explains how to use the MAC OS VPN Tracker client with NBM in PSK mode, Extended Authentication (XAUTH) PSK mode, and Certificate mode.

AppNote: Letting Users Modify Personal Attributes
Help is on the way ... now you can let users modify some of their own personal information in iManager, without exposing data they shouldn't change. Get the details in this AppNote by Novell's Mark Hinckley.

AppNote: Location-Based Printing for Metaframe Services
This AppNote by Eric Belcher details the installation of location-based printing facilities for Citrix Metaframe using Novell iPrint.

AppNote: Migrating an Existing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 System to RAID1
Jason Record shows us how to get our SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers using a RAID 1 system.

AppNote: Modeling and Writing a Common Information Model (CIM) Provider
The Common Information Model (CIM) provides a unified method for managing an enterprise network without requiring an overhaul of the existing network management infrastructure. This How-to AppNote discusses CIM and explains the approach to be taken to develop a CIM Provider.

AppNote: Moving a .NET C# LDAP Browser Application to Mono on Linux
This is about putting together a small LDAP browser graphical application with Visual Studio.NET that talks to eDirectory, and then moving it to a Linux server running mono. This helps to illustrate how to move existing C#.NET apps from Windows to mono on Linux.

AppNote: Moving Custom Plug-ins to iManager 2.5
Wanting to upgrade to iManager 2.5 but worried about losing your custom plug-ins? In this AppNote, Mark Hinckley shares a step-by-step process for moving custom plug-ins to iManager 2.5.

AppNote: Moving User Home Directories, the sed Way
*Here are some late-breaking additions to the AppNote* This extensive AppNote from Jim Pye gives you a step-by-step approach to moving home directory data between servers in eDirectory. It also sheds some valuable light on the sed tool. So go get your cuppa and find out what's uppa ...

AppNote: Multiple instances of iFolder on NetWare Configuration Report
This appnote will go into detail on how run multiple instances of iFolder on the same NetWare server. People running Novell Cluster Services (NCS) and people with large deployments of iFolder will benefit from this configuration.

AppNote: NBM 3.8 Access Rules: Some Do's and Don'ts
This AppNote discusses the recommended ways to configure access rules in Novell BorderManager 3.8 (NBM3.8) and provides details of tested and scalable limits of Access Rules at different eDirectory container levels. This document explains the global and specific rules that can be set on the server, and the criterion for choosing the duration to enable/disable ACLCHECK. This document also provides the information regarding the impact on performance across access rules at different eDirectory container levels.

AppNote: NBM 3.8 Server with Check Point
This document describes how to interoperate NBM 3.8 Server with the Check Point Server. This is based on the interoperability tests between the Check Point and the NBM 3.8 Server.

AppNote: NBM 3.8 VPN Monitoring: New Features and Usage Tips
Novell BorderManager 3.8 (NBM 3.8) features a new monitoring mechanism for VPN services. VPN monitoring is a central repository of VPN services information. It can be accessed using the Novell Remote Manager interface. This paper would be useful for those administrators who plan to deploy NBM 3.8 or have already deployed NBM 3.8 VPN services. This paper is pictorially driven, with notes to substantiate the images.

AppNote: NBM 3.8 VPN: Authenticating users with NMAS & LDAP
The new Novell BorderManager 3.8 (NBM 3.8) Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution is a significant improvement from earlier versions of BorderManager. The new management console is based on iManager. VPN now features a host of new and exciting features. In addition to being standards compliant, it offers fine-grained policies and a range of authentication mechanisms. While some mechanisms, such as the certificate based authentication and pre-shared secrets are required by the IKE standards, others are meant to make users and administrators life much easier, without compromising on security. In this article we look at implementing two such mechanisms - authentication using NMAS, and remote LDAP authentication - in your enterprise.

AppNote: NBM Filter Management for BorderManager 3.8 SP3
Chitra Gurjar and Sahu Rashmi of Novell System Testing have teamed up to provide this behind-the-scenes look at the new BorderManager Filter Management Wizard (aka, the Firewall Wizard).

AppNote: NBM to Openswan: Site-to-site VPN Made Easy
This AppNote helps you get your site-to-site VPN services up and running between BorderManager and Openswan. It includes steps, diagrams, and sample code to help you get going.

AppNote: New Features in Management and Monitoring Services in ZENworks for Servers 6.5 - A Case Study
Along with an overview of the new features in ZENworks for Servers Management and Monitoring Services, this AppNote provides a typical customer scenario that demonstrates how the new features address specific business needs.

AppNote: NMAS and Kerberos
Update - The AppNote now contains new Usage Scenarios. The single sign-on feature of Kerberos is a great thing - and now you can use that feature in eDirectory authentication, thanks to this AppNote by Preetam Ramakrishna.

AppNote: Novell Audit Guide - Configuration and Implementation
If you missed the 2005 Novell Audit Live BrainShare session (TUT345), here's your chance to catch up. Session presenters Jeremy Carter and Blair Thomas have put together this handy Novell Audit Guide based on the live session - check it out!

AppNote: Novell BorderManager 3.8 VPN client: An Introduction
The Novell BorderManager VPN client software allows a workstation to communicate securely over the internet to a network protected by a Novell VPN server over the Internet. This paper introduces the VPN client and provides a short summary on how to install and use it.

AppNote: Novell Client 4.9 SP2 : Initialization, Login and Settings
Updated: Here is a fantastic AppNote that you'll want to print and cherish in your giant Binder of Knowledge. This article describes the operation of the Novell Client, from boot-up of the machine, through the user login. It discusses how the Client uses defined protocols to locate resources and authenticate a user. It also contains a comprehensive listing of the various settings available to control the behavior of the Client.

AppNote: Novell Client Settings with Windows Terminal Server
Gary Childers explains how to install and configure the Novell client on a Windows Terminal Server.

AppNote: Open Enterprise Server (OES) services security
This outstanding AppNote focuses on disabling services you do not need or are not currently using, in order to strengthen the security of your system. This document will help you recognize and disable services running by default on OES NetWare and OES Linux. Pay special attention to the Nessus Assessment reports in the appendices. This document also documents each open service/port and offers recommendations relating to those services/ports.

AppNote: PAM Integration with eDirectory and LDAP
In this AppNote, author Madhavi Phanse explains how to integrate PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) with eDirectory and LDAP, including PAM-enabling of the pure-ftpd service in OES / Linux.

AppNote: Patch Management Made Easy
To patch, or not to patch? That is the question. Actually, this is only one facet of the question. How do we implement the patches? Who decides when and whether to apply patches? How do we keep track of which machines have which patches? The automation of operating system and application patching is designed to take a lot of the repetitive drudgery out of our jobs, as well as to simply make sure that the job gets done. Sometimes, just getting the environment set up for the automation of software patching can be a bit onerous, especially if it means even a one-time visit to touch every workstation. My goal for this article is to hopefully reduce that drudgery, and free up some of your time for the projects and tasks that you really want to get done.

AppNote: Recording NAL XML Reporting events in a MySQL database
This article describes how to configure NAL XML Reporting to write events to a MySQL database. Example scripts are provided to create the database and configure the zfdamrServlet, such that anyone with limited knowledge of MySQL can try this for themselves.

AppNote: Roll Your Own -- Creating Custom Packages with ZENworks Patch Management
Come learn how to use PatchLink Update Server to deploy and update an application of your own selection. While the pre-defined packages from the PatchLink subscription service may provide 99% of what most people need, there will always be that other 1%. And when it's your job to provide that 1% solution, then that becomes an important 1%.

AppNote: RSYNC Q&A - An Open Discussion
Updated with new Question: Gary Childers has provided answers to some of the most common questions that he has received about using RSYNC. If you have other questions about RSYNC or would like to share how you are using the utility, send them in here.

AppNote: Securing a Novell Nterprise Linux Services Server: Step-by-Step (SUSE 8, NNLS 1.0)
The paper documents in detail how a server can be installed and configured to meet stringent security requirements that might exist in many environments. It also outlines and documents some of the ongoing maintenance procedures that need to be employed in order to keep the server secure and functioning well in its role. Testing procedures are included that will help to verify that the server is reasonably secure from the risks outlined as well as point out additional measures that might need to be taken to further secure the environment.

AppNote: Setting up a Business Continuity Cluster (BCC) using VMWare
Here's a nicely detailed explanation that you will want to print and keep, written by a Technical Training Specialist from Novell UK.

AppNote: Setting up GroupWise Internet Agent for Dynamic Domains
This AppNote describes how to setup and use Novell GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) for a Small or Home Office that is connected to the Internet using Dynamic IP addressing provided by your local Broadband (Cable, DSL, etc.) Internet Service Provider/Vendor (ISP/ISV).

AppNote: Shimming CLib Context into NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) Built for LibC
This AppNote discusses how to write LibC-based NLMs that are able to consume CLib interfaces in the NLM environment.

AppNote: SSH Client Interoperability with NBM 3.8 Server
This document is aimed at the users of the VPN client. This document briefly explains the usage of the SSH Sentinel client with the Novell BorderManager (NBM) 3.8 server in Authentication Mode and Encryption Mode.

AppNote: Sysprep, Add-on Images, Application Objects, Oh My!
Come learn how to utilize the power of ZENworks and Microsoft Sysprep to streamline your imaging processes.

AppNote: The Two Trees - Simultaneously Accessing Nterprise Branch Office Servers and the Corporate Tree
A lot of folks are trying out Novell's Nterprise Branch Office (NBO) product, in order to realize the savings on hardware and administrative costs, and are finding that the hardest part is the transition period between using traditional NetWare servers, and using the Branch Office servers. Gary Childers offers a boost up the learning curve. Enjoy!

AppNote: Understanding Rules in Novell Client Firewall 2.0
Novell Client Firewall (NCF) is a solution which not only controls how the users are allowed to use their workstations but it also makes the client computer invisible on the Internet. NCF secures individual workstations by deploying firewall rules and policies at each end node. How NCF behaves and how secure is the end point depends on how the rules and policies are configured. This Appnote describes the NCF rules and policies in detail. It also explains rule processing within NCF to help end user or administrator to securely configure the firewall for end node.

AppNote: Updating Client on all Workstations via Login Script
Christian Mies explains how to upgrade all workstations to an updated client version. He did this for a customer with about 200 workstations using a solution that works completely by login script with no interaction from the IT help desk.

AppNote: Using DFS in a Clustered Environment
In NetWare 6.x, Novell Distributed File Services (DFS) allows you to develop a logical view of your storage. DFS uses a Volume Location Database (VLDB), which maps the physical location of NSS volumes on all servers in the tree. This AppNote explains how to get the VLDB Database running as a clustered resource, effectively allowing more flexibility in server assignment.

AppNote: Using DirXML in a Data Junction djCosmos ETL Environment
This AppNote provides information concerning of the use of ETL (Extract, Transformation, Load) software in a DirXML solution. ETL software solutions are widely used by corporations of all sizes to migrate and integrate information between disparate data stores and applications.

AppNote: Using IDM to Synchronize with Oracle Internet Directory and Integrate Multiple Oracle Databases
In this third article of a 3-part series, Michel Bluteau provide an enterprise solution for synchronizing multiple Oracle Databases (dictionary or catalog) through Oracle Internet Directory and LDAP.

AppNote: Using Novell ZENworks in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
This AppNote describes how to use Novell ZENworks to distribute the Berkeley SETI@Home software used as part of the SETI project in the search for evidence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

AppNote: Using RSync to synchronize data to and from NetWare servers
Keeping files and resources close to users across a WAN is important for file access performance. However, there is a great need for data integrity and availability. Today your environment may have hundreds of Novell NetWare servers across a WAN that need to synchronize data to a central office. This document will show you how to install, configure and use RSync to synchronize data to/from NetWare servers.

AppNote: Using RSYNC with Windows
Updated: Lots of people are interested in backing up data on Windows laptops and PCs using RSYNC, in a variety of situations. Gary Childers shares some great ideas for some unexpectedly cool ways to use this great utility.

AppNote: VPN behind NAT
Here's a new BorderManager AppNote that helps you deploy the NBM 3.8 VPN Server behind NAT. Includes diagrams, screen shots, configuration steps and more ...

AppNote: VPN FreeS/WAN Configuration Guide with NBM 3.8 Server
This document provides information on how to deploy the Free S/WAN VPN clients with Novell BorderManager (NBM) 3.8 servers. This document is aimed at experienced FreeS/Wan IPSec administrators.

AppNote: VPN Policies in Novell BorderManager 3.8
This AppNote provides details on the new Novell BorderManager (NBM) 3.8 Virtual Private Network (VPN) policies feature. It also provides troubleshooting guidelines to achieve the desired functionality of VPN policies.

AppNote: Writing Alternate Debugger Command Parsers for NetWare
Adding debugger commands to help you debug your special application or library is a little understood process for NetWare. This How-to AppNote, from frequent contributor Russell Bateman, presents the details of doing it.

AppNote: Writing Command Parsers for NetWare
This How-to AppNote discusses how to register a command parser from a NetWare-loadable Module (NLM).

AppNote: Writing NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) as Shared Libraries
This AppNote discusses how to write NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) that serve as shared libraries in the NLM environment. There are three traditional veins of NetWare Loadable Module (NLM) writing. Of the three, libraries have been the most vague and contradicted topic of discussion over the 15-year history of NLM writing. This topic was addressed by an extensive AppNote in May 2003, and this article updates that one for more POSIX-oriented work.

AppNote: ZENworks 6.5 Server Management: Achieving Proactive Network Health Monitoring
This AppNote enables you to comprehend the working principles of Health Reports, a feature of ZENworks 6.5 Server Management. With this understanding you will be able to customize the health report configuration to best suit your requirements and leverage the feature more effectively.

AppNote: ZENworks for Servers 3.0.2 : Configuring Distributions
After installing ZENworks for Servers, the next thing to do is configure schedules, channels, distributions, etc. This document describes the different configuration options on the TED Distribution objects and will give some information that will help on configuring the TED Distribution objects.

AppNote: ZENworks with NAT and BorderManager 3.8 Firewall
This AppNote discusses how to configure Novell ZENworks 6.5 Inventory and Remote Management to work across NAT and a BorderManager firewall.

AS400 Basics for Platform Receiver and IDM
Curious about AS400? Novell's Nicolas Barberis provides a great starter's guide, including navigation and Platform Receiver Commands for IDM.

Assigning Selective Read Rights with IDM
In this AppNote, Raymon Epping explores setting ACLs selectively, using Novell Identity Manager 3, Designer, and IDM connector tracing.

Audit Starter Pack: Installation, Configuration and Usage Instructions
This AppNote by Chris Premo provides a complete guide to successfully installing, configuring, and using the Novell Audit Starter Pack.

Automating the Installation or Upgrade of eDirectory 8.8 sp1
In today's business environment, manually managing servers for periodic updates, installations, and tasks is impractical. It is a well known fact that automating repetitive tasks can significantly lower a system's total cost of ownership. This AppNote shows how the award-winning Novell ZENworks software can tier, schedule and automate the distribution of Novell patches. With ZENworks 7 Server Management with SP1 Policy and Distribution Services, you can use Novell templates for sending patches out, tailor them to suit a particular environment, or even write and compile your own patches for any third-party software you may run on your servers. Almost any software patch can be programmed into a ZENworks Server Management Server Software Package. Must-read for anyone who patches more than once in awhile.

Building an IDM 3 Test Environment using eDirectory 8.8 Multi-Instances
Novell's Akos Szechy brings the worlds of IDM 3 and eDirectory 8.8 together, focusing on multi-instance support in a test environment.

Changing Default Policies in Identity Manager
Dave Simons explains how to get your default Identity Manager polices set up the way you like, so you can get immediate user synchronization.

Cleaning Up after Losing Your CA
If you lose your tree's Certificate Authority, all is not lost - thanks to this detailed AppNote from Greg Riedesel.

Cluster Configuration on SLES 9
Rajesh Lingam explains how to set up a Cluster environment for ZENworks Linux Management, FTP, HTTP, Samba servers, etc. on SLES.

Complete NetWare to OES Linux Migration Guide
Mike Faris shares a step-by-step guide on how to migrate a server from NetWare to OES Linux.

Configure NTP in your OES Network
Dave Simons explains how to configure your OES Linux server to be a NTP Time Provider in a mixed OES Linux/NetWare server environment.

Configuring a Linux High Availability Cluster for IDM 3 and eDirectory 8.8
Can Identity Manager can be used in a clustered environment? Find out the answers in this AppNote by Novell's Jon Hardman.

Configuring Access Manager for UserApp and SAML
In this AppNote, Thomas Lubanski explains how to configure Novell Access Manager for use with IDM UserApp and SAML.

Configuring and Troubleshooting SAML 1.1 with Novell Access Manager
This AppNote by Bart Andries explains configuration and troubleshooting options for implementing SAML 1.1 in your environment.

Configuring and Using Active Directory with Novell SecureLogin
Configuring and using Active Directory with Novell SecureLogin (NSL) just got easier, thanks to this detailed AppNote from Novell's Girish Mutt.

Configuring and Using Novell Audit with Novell SecureLogin
NSL = good; Novell Audit = good; NSL + Audit = even better. Find out how to configure these two powerhouse Novells apps to work together for your company.

Configuring and Using pcprox-based NMAS Authentication with NSL
This AppNote by Novell's Girish Mutt provides an overview of configuring and using pcprox card-based authentication with Novell SecureLogin (NSL).

Configuring Certificates for iManager Plug-ins
In this AppNote, Talekar Nagareshwar demonstrates a quick and easy way to configure the certificates needed for your iManager plug-ins.

Configuring IDM to Synchronize with an ADAM Instance
In this AppNote, Steve Trottier gives a detailed explanation of how you can configure an Identity Manager driver to synchronize with an ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode) instance.

Configuring iManager to Manage SLP objects
If you've been waiting for a plug-in to manage SLP with iManager, wait no more! Novell's Chuck Flood shows you step-by-step how to get iManager to manage SLP objects in your tree.

Configuring NFSv4 on Active/Passive iSCSI-based High Availability Clusters
Yatin Manerker explains how to configure NFSv4 on iSCSI-based Linux High Availability (HA) clusters.

Configuring Novell Archive and Version Services using Pre-Configured PostgreSQL Server
Anilkumar Bolleni explains how to configure a Novell Archive and Version server on an already configured PostgreSQL server. This is useful if a user has configured the PostgreSQL database earlier and wants the Novell Archive and Version Service to use the same database server.

Configuring Secure Identity Federation in Novell Access Manager
This AppNote from Aruna Kumari explains Identity Federation and how to get it configured securely in Novell Access Manager.

Configuring Single Sign On for iFolder 3.6 Server Web Access using Novell Access Manager
This AppNote from R Anupkumar helps you implement single sign-on for Web access of the iFolder server.

Configuring SUSE Firewall for the SSL VPN Component in Access Manager
In this Appnote, Sureshkumar T explains how to set up a SUSE Firewall configuration that works with the SSL VPN Component of Access Manager.

Configuring the NBM 3.8 VPN Client with with the NSM 6 Server, using PSK
In this AppNote, Novell's Gaurav Vaidya explains how to configure a Client to Site (Host to Network) VPN service with Novell Security Manager as the VPN server, and Novell BorderManager 3.8 as the VPN client.

Converting Novell Branch Office to Standard NetWare 6.5
Michael Faris explains how to convert Novell Branch Office to a standard NetWare 6.5 SP2 server. Script examples are included.

Creating a Time-triggered Job Automatically with Policies
In this AppNote, Pekka Kuronen shares an automatic process for making time-triggered events with IDM, in the spirit of crontab.

Creating Software RAID Configurations in SLES 10
Dave Simons explains how to create a Software RAID configuration in SLES 10.

Customizing NSL Installs
Kevin Prior, from ActivIdentity, shares this AppNote that shows you to customize Novell SecureLogin installs by editing .ini files.

Decrypting SSL Traffic to Troubleshoot NAM
In this AppNote, Bart Andries describes how you can overcome the challenges of Troubleshooting Novell Access Manager when SSL is enabled.

Deploying Load Balancing for NBM using Session Failover and the L4 Switch
Novell's Bhavani ST and Gaurav Vaidya share a solution for high availability and failover for HTTP forward proxy, transparent to end users. The solution is based on load balancing capability of any L4 switch and session failover feature of Novell BorderManager 3.8.4.

Deploying Novell BorderManager 3.8 as a Virtual Host in a VMware Environment
This AppNote by Aruna Kumari and Gaurav Vaidya helps you install and run BorderManager on the VMware platform, in a variety of helpful scenarios.

eDirectory 8.8 Multiple Instances
Heard of the new multi-instance support feature in eDirectory 8.8? Now you can get an inside look at the technology, thanks to this AppNote from Novell's Paul McKeith.

eDirectory and SNMP - Down and Dirty
Command-line isn't pretty, but it gets the job done - especially in SNMP utilities for eDirectory. Kudos to Don Lohr for this practical how-to approach on monitoring LDAP and eDirectory items via SNMP.

eDirectory Partition Operations - Part 1
Need some practical insights on handling replica and partition operations? Novell's Akos Szechy clears up the picture with this insightful Appnote - and stay tuned for his follow-up AppNote next week - eDirectory Partition Operations - Part 2 ...

eDirectory Partition Operations - Part 2
Here's the second AppNote on eDirectory partition operations, by Novell's Akos Szechy.

eGuide as a Company Address Book
Dave Simons shares a step-by-step process for installing and using eGuide as your company address book.

eGuide as a Help Desk Tool
In this AppNote, Dave Simons explains how Novell eGuide can wear a second hat - as an effective help desk application.

Enabling Entitlements for the eDirectory Driver(s) without In-the-box Entitlements
Novell's Michel Bluteau shares an AppNote that describes how to create an Entitlement for the eDirectory driver. It also helps you leverage the driver with the Workflow/Provisioning Module, to create workflows for granting or revoking access.

Establishing Cross-Realm Trust between Active Directory and Novell KDC
In this AppNote, Anil Kumar Sekhara and Ashish Kumar explain how to log in to Windows XP, with Novell KDC interoperating with Microsoft KDC (Active Directory).

Fill Password Java Data Injection Module for NAM
In this AppNote, Bart Andries explains how to configure SSO securely, with a combination of the NMAS Toolkit and his custom Java Data Injection module.

FreeRadius Integration with eDirectory
If you need an integrated solution with FreeRadius and eDirectory, check out this AppNote from Cool Solutions reader Alexandre Dachine.

General-Purpose Relational Integrity Rules for IDM
This AppNote by Rob Schneider describes an approach to maintain relational integrity between the user and job data commonly referenced by Identity Manager.

Getting RSS Feeds in your Instant Messaging Client
Rather than having a RSS news reader running all the time checking for updates to your web feeds (blogs and podcasts), wouldn't you love to get updates via IM? Jon Strickland explains how to use InstantFeed to get your RSS feeds to show up in most IM clients, including AIM, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, and Google Talk. Very nifty device for keeping yourself informed while you chat with your friends.

GroupWise and SAN Design, Part 1
In this AppNote, Tim Heywood provides a background for the processes that are required for running a GroupWise system on centralized storage, such as a SAN.

How to Install and Configure VMware on SLED
Dave Simons shares a step-by-step guide on how to install a VMware server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.

How to Install Novell Cluster Services on OES Linux
In this AppNote, Dave Simons explains how to install NCS on OES Linux and how to create a shared storage disk to save data on your Novell Cluster.

How to Setup and Configure Apache Web Server in SLES 10
Dave Simons explains how to setup and configure the Apache Web server in SLES 10.

Identity Management - an Inevitable Need
In this AppNote, Gaurav Vaidya provides a broad view of identity management and explains why you can't afford to be without a solid identity management plan for your business.

Identity Manager Form Script API
This AppNote by Rudy Duym provides a comprehensive overview and API for Identity Manager's powerful Form Script tool.

IDM 3.5 Synchronization to the Production Tree and Testing LDAP Searches
Mike Faris concludes his three-part series on synchronization with Identity Manager 3.5.

IDM Engine Event Caching
In this Appnote, Geoff Carman takes us behind the scenes with the powerful event caching feature of Identity Manager.

IDM Password Synch with eDirectory and AD
In this AppNote, Dave Simons outlines the tasks for getting Password Synch working between eDirectory and Microsoft AD, using Novell Identity Manager.

IDM Rule Programming Techniques for Pseudo Select Statement Emulation
This AppNote by Justin Birt explains how to construct complex conditional statements within a single IDM rule.

IDM Synchronization between eDirectory and AD
In this AppNote, Dave Simons explains how to set up and configure Novell Identity Manager 3.0.1 for user synchronization between Novell eDirectory and Micosoft Active Directory.

iManager as a Help Desk Tool
This AppNote from Dave Simons describes how you can use iManager in a help desk setting, without granting full eDirectory rights to a temporary worker.

Implementing a Transparent Deployment of Novell Branch Office
Gary Childers explains how to deploy NBO servers in a transparent fashion -- meaning that, if we do our jobs right, the end users may be blissfully unaware that any change at all has taken place on their network.

Install HP Data Protector on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Lance Ripps gives us the low-down on how to install the HP Data Protector on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Among others, this article includes installing the rsh-server, a telnet server, and the HP software itself.

Installing a Second OES Linux Server into Existing eDirectory Tree
Dave Simons explains how to add a second OES Linux server into your existing eDirectory Tree.

Installing and Configuring eDirectory 8.8.x on Ubuntu Linux
Need to install eDirectory on Ubuntu? It can be done, as this AppNote by Jon Hardman demonstrates.

Installing and Configuring Samba on Open Enterprise Server 2
Joe Harmon walks you through the process of installing and configuring Samba after the installation of OES 2.

Installing eDirectory 8.8 SP2 as a Non-Root User
In this AppNote, Samuel Soares explains how to install and configure eDirectory 8.8 properly as a non-root user.

Installing eDirectory on OES Linux
Making the transition to OES Linux is a little easier, thanks to this AppNote on installing eDirectory on OES, by Dave Simons.

Installing GroupWise 7 on OES Linux
Dave Simons shares a step-by-step process for setting up GroupWise on a default OES Linux server, including status checks for GroupWise Agents.

Installing GroupWise WebAccess 7 on OES Linux Server
This AppNote from Dave Simons walks you through the installation steps for getting WebAccess up and running on OES. Enjoy!

Installing GWIA on OES Linux
Dave Simons explains how to install GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) on an OES Linux Server, complete with steps and screen shots.

Installing Open Enterprise Server 2 into an Existing Tree
Updated: Joe Harmon provides a step-by-step process of how to install OES 2 into an existing tree.

Integrated PKI Solutions
Curious about PKI with eDirectory? In this AppNote, Steffen Koehler explains the pros and cons of PKI solutions using Novell Certificate Server or cv act PKIntegrated (a third-party tool).

Integrating Dynamic DNS with Novell Business Continuity Clustering 1.1 for Linux
Brad Rupp explains how to implement dynamic DNS on a single resource in a Novell Business Continuity Cluster.

Integrating eDirectory SNMP Agent with a Management Framework
In this AppNote, Novell's Mohan Kumar explains how to integrate the eDirectory SNMP Agent into the HP OpenView management framework.

Integrating eDirectory with Cisco Call Manager
In this proof-of-concept AppNote, Andy Swiffin shows how eDirectory can be integrated with Cisco Call Manager.

Integrating Novell OES Linux iManager, Virtual Office and Welcome Page with Apache 2.2.2, Tomcat 5.5.17 and Sun Java2 1.4.2
Jonathan Peck has provided a guideline for installing Apache's web server version 2.2.2 and the Tomcat Java servlet version 5.5.17 and integrating them with your current OES Linux setup.

Integrating NSL with ActivCard Card Readers, Using the NESCM Method
In this AppNote, Kiran Prabu D P gives a step-by-step explanation of how to integrate Novell SecureLogin and ActivCard smart-card readers, using the NECSM method.

Interoperation Guide - NBM 3.8.10 VPN Client and Racoon Server
This Interoperation Guide from Bhavatosh Barochia explains Xauth support for the NBM VPN client and the Racoon Server.

Kanaka Troubleshooting
Here's a guide to troubleshooting Kanaka, the popular Mac authentication tool from Condrey Consulting. Cool Solutions contributor Geoffrey Carman shares his hands-on tips in this helpful AppNote.

LDAP / Universal Password with eDirectory 8.8
In this AppNote, Novell's Paul McKeith explains the new feature in eDirectory 8.8 SP1, where NMAS enables LDAP authentications (binds) so that they are case-sensitive. This feature can also help ease the deployment of Universal Password.

LDAP Enabling for Oracle
Cool Solutions points leader Michel Bluteau continues his suite of Oracle articles with this AppNote on enabling LDAP for Oracle.

Ldif2dib - Offline Bulkload Tool for eDirectory
This AppNote by Hiredesai Santosh and Piyush Janawadkar highlights the features and inner workings of the powerful new Bulkload tool in eDirectory 8.8 - "ldif2dib"

Leveraging Security Features in eDirectory 8.8
Hot topic 1: Security ... Hot topic 2: the new eDirectory 8.8. Put these together and you get a great new AppNote from Garg Shailesh and Jaimon Jose that helps you get the most from Encrypted Attributes and Encrypted Replication.

Lotus Notes Redirection on Novell Access Manager Using PHP and LDAP
In this AppNote, Mike Faris shows how to configure Access Manager to determine on which Notes server the current logged in user resides, and present only a single email icon.

Migrating a NetWare iSCSI Target to a Linux iSCSI Target on SLES 10
Yatin Manerker explains how to migrate from a NetWare iSCSI target to a Linux iSCSI target on SLES 10.

Migrating AD into eDirectory, using OpenLDAP on OES
This AppNote by Mike Faris takes you step by step through the process of migrating Active Directory data into eDirectory on an OES system, using OpenLDAP.

Migrating from Novell SecureLogin 3.x to 6.0: A Case Study
Novell's Girish Mutt provides an extensive AppNote detailing the advantages of, and techniques for, migrating to the new Novell SecureLogin 6.0

Migrating User Storage from Windows NTFS to Linux and AD to a Samba Domain
Michel Bluteau explains how user storage (home directories) and shared storage is moved or migrated from Windows NTFS to a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Samba server.

Moving GroupWise Systems
In this AppNote, Gary Childers provides a strategic look at the process of migrating an entire GroupWise system from one server to another.

Multi-level, Colorful and "Jazzy" PXE Boot Menus Made Easy
Being bent on making the PXE boot menu "pretty", and easy to modify, Bryan Keadle came up with a "PXE development environment" that lets you easily, and *QUICKLY* develop the PXE boot menu. Contained in the downloadable package with this article are a couple tools to make building your PXE menu an easy few steps. Enjoy!

Multiple OUs Scoping for Identity Manager Drivers
In this AppNote, Novell's Michel Bluteau shows how you can work more effectively with multiple OUs in eDirectory, Active Directory, and LDAP-enabled directories.

Nagios and NetWare: SNMP-based Monitoring
Christian Mies shares a solution for NetWare monitoring with Nagios, based on SNMP Get and SNMP Trap.

NAM Open Lab 2: Setting Up Test/Demo Websites
Chris Van Den Abbeele is back with Part 2 of his Novell Access Manager Open Lab series - this time, it's setting up test web sites to work with NAM.

NAM Open Lab 3: Configuring Identity Server, LDAP User Store, Device Manager
In this AppNote, Chris Van Den Abbeele explains how to configure your Novell Access Manager test system for Identity Server, LDAP User Store, and Device Manager.

NAM Open Lab 4: Basic Configuration of the Access Gateway
Chris Van Den Abbeele continues with his series of Open Labs for Novell Access Manager - this time it's configuring the Access Gateway component.

NAM Open Lab 5: Setting Up RBAC
Part 5 of the Open Lab series on Novell Access Manager, by Chris Van Den Abbeele, focuses on Role-Based Access.

Network Security: Test-Drive Your Firewall Solution
In this AppNote, Gary Childers provides a practical way to test-drive the Novell Security Manager firewall solution, from the comfort of your own lab.

Novell Branch Office Q&A: An Open Discussion
Updated with new Q&A: Gary Childers has provided answers to some of the most common questions that he has received about using Novell Branch Office.

Novell Identity Manager High Availability on PolyServe Clusters
This AppNote by Yan Fitterer details a solution for making Identity Manager (and eDirectory) highly available on Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 (SLES9) Linux platform. The approach is based on a PolyServe Matrix Server, with two nodes hosting eDirectory.

Novell Identity Vault on SUSE 9: from Vmware Project to Full Install
Setting up an identity vault on SUSE 9 has never been easier, thanks to this AppNote from Novell's Richard Cabana.

Novell Linux Client Tricks
Peter Van den Wildenbergh shows some slick ways to log in to the Novell Client for Linux using some of his own scripts.

OES Migration
Ruud van der Zwet shares instructions for a project that migrates five OES NetWare servers to one OES Linux server.

Oracle Triggerless/Scalable Driver for IDM
In this AppNote, Michel Bluteau explains how to create an Oracle triggerless driver for IDM 3.5 that's scalable and effective.

Packaging Microsoft Patches using Novell Application Launcher
Pete Demers details the process of patching without elevating rights, making sure that you only patch the workstations that really need it -- all through the magic of ZENworks. If you have Microsoft in your environment, you're going to love this.

Password Enhancements in eDirectory 8.8
eDirectory 8.8 has some significant enhancements in password technology and deployment, notably with Universal Password. Novell's Sarangthem Chanu explains the details in this AppNote.

Password Transformation Rule Sets
In this AppNote, Geoff Carman takes a detailed look at the policies in the default IDM 3.5 driver sets, adding comments and useful tips.

PKI Auto-Enrollment for Novell eDirectory
In this AppNote, Steffen Koehler explains how to use certificate auto-enrollment to help users and machines get certificates transparently.

Preview - Installing Oracle 10g R2 Database on SLES 10
Michel Bluteau shows you how to install a Oracle 10g R2 Database (Enterprise Edition) on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

Proof of Concept: IDM 3.5.0 JDBC Driver and Apache Derby Java Database
This AppNote by Jon Hardman is a demonstration of how Identity Manager can support any RDMS database that works with SQL and JDBC connectivity.

Quickstart Guide for Installing Domino 7 on SLES 9
Updated with new suggestions. The purpose of this document is to provide a quick way for someone who wants to test drive Domino on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, for example for a lab pilot, etc. This document is not a comprehensive installation guide for Domino 7 on SLES 9, but I hope that it may save some time to others like me who needed a running Domino server fast, to eventually tune it or use it together with other solutions like Novell Identity Manager.

Recovering a Lost LVM Volume Disk
Jason Record explains how to restore LVM meta data and provides several examples of the recovery process.

Recovering Deleted/Lost/Missing Data From Novell Servers Using Data Recovery Software
This AppNote by Soubir Dutta discusses data loss from Novell server disks along with methods to recover and restore the lost data. He also includes a short case study (using Stellar Phoenix Novell) to help users better understand the recovery process.

Remote Server Navigation from OES NetWare to OES Linux or Vice Versa using NetWare FTP Server
Ashwin S. explains how to use NetWare FTP server's remote server navigation to transfer data between Linux and NetWare.

Rule-Based Alarm Management System: A Use Case Approach
One of the primary goals of network administrators in managing networks is to keep track of all the managed devices and networks, and to make sure that they are functioning properly. This new AppNote provides great insights into how Rule-based Alarm Management system of ZENworks Server Management allows administrators to proactively resolve network problems.

Running a VMware Virtual Machine as a Service in OES Linux
Virtualisation is something that has really taken off over the past few years. Andrew Grant explains how to run virtual machine(s) in a similar way to a service using freely available software.

SAML / NAM / Concur Integration
In this AppNote, Neil Cashell demonstrates how to integrate Novell Access Manager and Concur, using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) solution for Single Sign-on (SSO) to the Concur Expense Service (CES).

SAN to SAN Migration Using Server Consolidation/Migration Utility
Mike Faris explains how to move data from one SAN volume to a new SAN using the Novell Server Consolidation and Migration Utility.

Setting up a SUSE Linux 10 PC as an answering and fax machine.
Many small businesses and startups don't have the resources that the big companies have, like a dedicated receptionist or a 24/7 call centre. But with the help of some technology and good taste you can get a long way to help your (potential) customers when you are out of the office.

Setting Up an IPSec VPN Tunnel between Nortel and an NBM 3.8.4 Server
In this AppNote, Chendil Kumar explains how to connect Nortel and NBM servers with an IPSec VPN tunnel.

Setting Up Dynamic Storage Technology with Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES) 2
With his customary attention to detail, Joe Harmon explains exactly how to set up Dynamic Storage Technology on OES 2. If you ever want to move old unused data to older storage, remove unwanted JPG, MP3, ISO, and zip files from your system, or just have smaller backups, you'll want to read this. Thanks Joe!

Single Sign-On to eDirectory 8.8.2 using the SASL GSSAPI Mechanism
In this AppNote, Anil Belur describes the SASL GSSAPI (Generic Security Services Application Programming Interface) authentication mechanism for Kerberos V5 authentication with eDirectory 8.8.2.

Slipstreaming Post Service-Pack Patches into a Service Pack Build on NetWare
This article by Greg Riedesel describes procedures for including patches released after a service pack into a service pack. Some patches are very simple, and others require knowledge of obscure Novell scripting. This can reduce (sometimes greatly) the number of reboots required during the application process of a NetWare service pack.

SSL VPN Load Balancing for Access Manager
In this AppNote, Chendil Kumar explains how to use the Novell SSL VPN included in Access Manager 3 to provide secure access to non-HTTP based applications inside a corporate network.

Subtree Searches in eDirectory 8.8
It's not often you get to peek under the hood of eDirectory 8.8 technology. In this AppNote, Novell's Prasad Gaitonde shares his insights on eDirectory 8.8's improved subtree search capabilities.

Synchronizing GroupWise and eDirectory Passwords via IDM
In this AppNote, Dave Simons walks us through the steps for installing the GroupWise Driver for IDM and synching an eDirectory Password with a GroupWise account.

Synchronizing Multiple OUs Effectively with GCV
Novell's Michel Bluteau adds a second AppNote on the topic of synchronization with GCV (Global Configuration Variables).

Troubleshooting 10101043 and 10101044 Errors in Access Manager
In this AppNote, Neil Cashell explains in detail how to deal with 10101043 and 10101044 errors that occur in Access Manager, as well as setting up a circle of trust between the Liberty Service Provider and the Liberty Identity Server.

Upgrade Procedure for iChain Servers
In this AppNote, Joe Farah shares the procedure for upgrading iChain servers, including backup configuration, re-imaging, upgrading, and restoring the configuration.

Using DFS in an Open Enterprise Server 2 Environment
Karthik Bachu explains how to configure DFS on OES 2 and move or split volumes from one server to another.

Using Novell Remote Manager on OES Linux and OES NetWare Servers
Dave Simons shows you how to use Novell Remote Manager on OES Linux and OES NetWare Servers.

Using OpenSSH to Manage Your Novell OES Server Remotely
Dave Simons explains how to use OpenSSH to securely manage your OES server from a remote site.

Using SecureLogin Scripting to Enable Quick Finder Login for Web Single Sign-On
This AppNote by Girish Mutt provides an overview of how to use NSL scripts to enable Quick Finder searches with SSO.

Working with 3rd Party Certificates and iChain 2.3
Neil Cashell and Klaus Gast describe three main problem scenarios you might encounter when dealing with Certificate Authorities. Learn about the tools and tricks that allow administrators to get almost any third party certificate to work with iChain 2.3.

Working with DHCP in OES 2.0 Linux
In this AppNote, Bindu Nayar and Ruma Chakraborty explain how to use DHCP in OES 2.0 Linux and provide an overview of the new features.

WorkOrder Details
In this AppNote, Aaron Burgemeister explains the inner "workings" of the WorkOrder driver, complete with tree design strategies, code samples, and test details.

ZENworks Handheld Management Install and Upgrade Methodologies
In today's business environment, manually managing servers for periodic updates, installations, and tasks is impractical. It is a well known fact that automating repetitive tasks can significantly lower a system's total cost of ownership. This article shows how the award-winning Novell ZENworks software can tier, schedule and automate the distribution of Novell patches.

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