19 April 2006


Novell announces its acquisition of e-Security, Inc., a leading software provider in the growing security information and event management market.

Market Advantage: Combining Identity and Systems Management with Real-time Event Monitoring

The integration of e-Security capabilities will make Novell the first to deliver a single view of security and compliance activities across the enterprise, combining the benefits of identity and systems management and real-time event monitoring. With a comprehensive view of user, network and application events, customers will now be able to streamline a previously labor-intensive and error-prone process, cut costs through automation and build more rigorous and predictable compliance programs.

Customer Benefit: Automating Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

e-Security's flagship product, the award-winning Sentinel 5, adds security information and event management to Novell existing systems, security and identity-management capabilities. The new Novell solution will be designed to help customers monitor network events and deliver automated responses; provide a real-time, holistic view of security and compliance activities; and document—as well as audit—events across the enterprise.

Customers also benefit from

  • Comprehensive auditing and compliance monitoring
  • Comprehensive compliance-enforcement capabilities
  • Comprehensive compliance management (audit modules) and data-gathering tools
  • Advanced reporting/notification/alerting and security dashboards
  • Real-time information and an event-management framework

These next-generation technologies let customers use their own business semantics and automatically convert them to IT action.

"In the compliance area, customer want converged solutions that encompass system, identity, access and security event management," said Chris Christiansen, IDC Vice President of Security products and Services. "With the acquisition of e-Security, Novell is the only vendor with the potential to proactively address business needs for a real-time, comprehensive compliance solution that integrates people, systems and processes."

To streamline workflow and ensure data accuracy, Novell is focused on building an integrated, real-time infrastructure for broader security and event monitoring. Ultimately, a more robust foundation can help customers achieve compliance with comprehensive monitoring and reporting

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