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Scott M. Morris

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A Bit About Scott M.

Scott enjoys programming in a variety of languages. He has been known to have as many as 6 different Linux distributions on his desktop at once. He especially takes delight in assisting those discovering the magic of Linux for themselves. Feel free to check out his SUSE Linux Rants Blog.

The Complete Works of Scott M.

10 Aug 2007
openSUSE Linux Rants eBook Library
Heads Up: Scott Morris has created a new openSUSE Linux Rants eBook Library where you can download his free eBooks. Get all the details here and download his new eBook called: "Investigation 101 - Gathering Information about Hardware, Filesystem, and Processes".

21 Jun 2007
Automate Installation of Web Server in openSUSE 10.2
Scott Morris shares a new bash script that will help you get a web server installed and running with minimal effort.

14 Jun 2007
New Free YaST eBook Available
Scott Morris has completed another free eBook. It covers the basics of managing software with YaST. It goes over what Installation Sources are, how to get a full list of them, and how to put them in. He also covers the basics of adding and removing software via YaST. Find out how to get the free ebook here.

11 May 2007
Free "Intro to Linux" Course
Heads Up: Scott Morris has just released a new free "Intro to Linux" course that is done via email. Its goal is to be the most basic introduction to Linux possible. You should have a basic understanding of Linux once you complete the course. Get all the details here.

21 Dec 2006
Partitioning Your Hard Disk Before Installing SUSE
Scott Morris shares a solution he provided for a user on how to partition a hard disk before installing SUSE.

08 Dec 2006
Mounting a USB Memory Stick
Scott Morris shares a solution he provided for a user on how to mount a USB stick on a SUSE machine.

08 Dec 2006
How to Set Up a Dual Boot with SLED 10 and Windows
Scott Morris explains how to set up a computer to dual boot SLED 10 and Windows.

03 Aug 2006
The Easiest Linux Guide You'll Ever Read
Heads Up: Scott Morris just released a new book called "The Easiest Linux Guide You'll Ever Read - An Introduction to Linux for Windows Users". It is available as a free download. Get all the details here.

28 Jul 2006
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 for Spreading the Linux Cure
Scott Morris recently posted an article in his blog about how to share Linux with others. The article discusses ways that we can spread the word about using Linux to people who have never heard of it or who might be interested in trying it out. Read it here.

29 Jun 2006
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10: Decrease in Costs, Increase in Security
Linux has sure come a long way in recent years. By this, I mean that it is now practical to use in the enterprise for more than just servers. Especially if you're talking about SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. It is secure, reliable, cuts costs, increases productivity, integrates very nicely into a Windows environment, and is easy and intuitive. Let's take a look at two of these points: cutting costs and increasing security.

28 Jun 2006
SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 : Productivity Booster
Part of what enables people to use a given software application is that it works for them. It is simple and easy to figure out and use. It doesn't take a lot of cryptic configuration or endless setting of parameters. You start it up and the right things just happen. In recent times, Linux has has grown by leaps and bounds by providing software like this. Especially in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. There is a well-rounded supply of enterprise-ready applications provided on this excellent desktop platform. Let us take a minute and review some of the office productivity software available.

16 Jun 2006
Useful SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Resource
If you're like me, you appreciate all the helpful resources you can get. In this case, I found a great resource for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 admins. It is called "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Installation and Administration". This is a good one for your bookmarks. I just saw it and wanted to pass it along.

07 Jun 2006 2.0: Creating a Table of Contents
Scott Morris demonstrates how to create a Table of Contents using OpenOffice Writer.

07 Jun 2006
Creating Bevels in the GIMP
Scott Morris demonstrates how to create nice beveled edges for your images. This is a nice skill to have for anyone working with graphic design.

11 May 2006
SUSE Linux 10.1 Released
SUSE Linux 10.1 has been released. Details here.

10 May 2006
Reference List of SUSE Linux Resources
Would you like to know of some great SUSE-oriented forums? Are you interested in what SUSE bloggers have to say? Do you want SUSE-related news? Scott Morris lists all of these resources and others, including mailing lists, IRC channels, RSS feeds and more here in one place. Bookmark this page for quick reference.

20 Apr 2006
Xgl on SUSE 10.1 for Gnome and KDE with NVidia Graphics Cards
Scott Morris has created a detailed how-to for setting up Xgl on your SUSE 10.1 machine for either Gnome or KDE, written for users who have NVidia graphics cards. This tutorial has been written so as to be as basic and detailed as possible, even for the novice Linux user.

19 Mar 2006
Going Wireless in SUSE Linux 10.0
Scott Morris sheds some light on creating a wireless network for your SUSE-based systems.

15 Mar 2006
Be famous: Get published at CoolSolutions
Let's get this party going! Write an article about your favorite application, an experience you've had with SUSE Linux, or a cool tip or trick.

09 Mar 2006
Novell Survey: Status Update
News and info about the Request An App Survey sponsored by Novell.

22 Feb 2006
Survey Series: Review an App
Write a 4 - 5 page review of the software listed, and receive double points through the end of February.

15 Feb 2006
SURVEY: Status, Statistics, Suggestions, and Solicitations
Scott Morris reveals the current numbers of the "Request a Linux App" survey, found on Novell's CoolSolutions site.

07 Feb 2006
Be Published on CoolSolutions!
Write a short tip, software review, game review, or anything that will contribute to the community. Submit it, and receive the status of being published on CoolSolutions!

03 Feb 2006
While we're waiting, what can we use now?
It may take a while to convince vendors to port their applications to Linux. In the meantime, Scott Morris asks what possibilities exist now for the top requested applications.

02 Feb 2006
Update on Linux Application Request Survey
Scott Morris reveals and discusses the newest data and results from Novell's Linux Application Request Survey.

26 Jan 2006
The Application People Most Want Ported to Linux Is...
We have posted a survey designed to find out which Windows-only applications are keeping people from switching to Linux. Scott Morris reveals the progress of this survey.

13 Jan 2006
Port Forwarding on a Router Machine Running SUSE 10.0
Need to access a machine residing inside of your network? Scott Morris explains how to set up firewall rules in YAST to enable port forwarding to servers running on machines inside your network.

21 Dec 2005
HOW-TO: Set Up a SUSE 10 Machine As a Router
Scott Morris provides a complete tutorial explaining how to share your Internet connection through a SUSE 10 box.

21 Dec 2005
Update All Package Versions on Your SUSE Linux 10.0 Machine
Scott Morris provides a quick walkthrough on updating your SUSE box to the latest possible versions of all of the packages on your system. It's easy, slick, and quick.

20 Dec 2005
Mines and Solitaire Game Review
Scott Morris introduces a couple of fun games for the Gnome Desktop.

20 Dec 2005
apropos: Command-Line Power Tool
Would you like to become more adept at using the command line? Scott Morris introduces one command that will help with this very thing.

14 Dec 2005
How'd They Do It?
The winners of the desktop competition share how they set up their winning desktops. They have links to wallpapers, articles, resources, and lists of packages they used in their creations.

06 Dec 2005
Desktop Competition Results
And the winning desktop submission is...

07 Nov 2005
Detach and Reattach Console Sessions
Scott Morris shows how to detach and reattach console sessions (even on different machines).

07 Nov 2005
Running Processes in the Background and Bringing To the Foreground
If you need to run a job in the background and then bring it back to the foreground, this tip by Scott Morris will be of use to you.

07 Nov 2005
Information About Your System
Need to get info about your machine? Scott Morris shows how to access detailed data about your hardware and operating system with a few simple commands.

02 Nov 2005
GAIM: Cool and Advanced Features
What are some of the coolest features of Gaim? Scott Morris digs deeper into the instant messaging client to show us.

31 Oct 2005
gdesklets: Eyecandy Monitors for Your Desktop
gdesklets is a very nice-looking set of monitors for your desktop. You can view the weather, cpu usage, memory usage, network traffic volume, and a whole bunch of other useful statistics.

25 Oct 2005
Linux File Types
Scott Morris shows how easy it is to find out the filetype of a file on your system.

25 Oct 2005
GKrellM: System Monitors for Your Desktop
Scott Morris introduces GKrellM, a set of system monitors for your desktop. GKrellM displays things like your CPU usage, your memory usage, and disk usage. It even displays the weather, moon phases, and information about the sun.

25 Oct 2005
GAIM: Fully Featured Instant Messenger for Gnome
Scott Morris showcases the Gaim Instant Messenger client. Gaim is currently one of the most popular instant messaging clients in use.

19 Oct 2005
Enlightenment .17: Here Comes the Eyecandy
Scott Morris shows a preview of a shiny window manager with lots of personality. If you like a totally hot desktop, take a look at this.

13 Oct 2005
XChat: Excellent IRC Client
Are you looking for a nice IRC client for Linux? Scott Morris introduces XChat, an IRC client for Linux.

13 Oct 2005
Korn: A Monitor for Your Email Accounts
Would you like to know when you get email in your various accounts? Scott Morris introduces a small applet that runs in your system tray that will do just that.

06 Oct 2005
Quick Access to System Preferences in KDE
Scott Morris shows an easy way to get access to the KDE control center.

06 Oct 2005
Kopete: KDE Instant Messenger Client
In part 2 of this series, Scott Morris goes a bit more in depth of what the Kopete Instant messenger client can do.

06 Oct 2005
Managing Users and Groups From The Command Line
Scott Morris shows how easy it is to manage users and groups from the command line. He gives specific commands and examples, making this a great tutorial for people new to Linux.

06 Oct 2005
Hacking Your Cellphone With Linux
Scott Morris shares an experience connecting his LG-VX6100 cell phone to Linux. He was able to manage contacts, wallpapers, ring tones, calendar items, SMS messages, and call records, all with Linux.

28 Sep 2005
KNOTES: A Great Sticky-Notes Solution
Scott Morris illustrates and explains the ins and outs of KNotes, a powerful sticky-notes application for the K Desktop Environment.

27 Sep 2005
User Management in YAST
Last week, Scott showed how to administrate users and groups in KDE. This week, he shows how to do this in YAST.

27 Sep 2005
PySol: More Solitaire Than You Can Shake a Stick At
Scott Morris showcases the hardcore Solitaire player's dream: PySol. With over 100 solitaire variations, this player packs a punch.

27 Sep 2005
NetApplet: Internet Connection Management Tool
Scott Morris introduces a great system tray applet that will help in managing your network connections.

27 Sep 2005
Kopete: Instant Messenger Client for KDE
Scott Morris introduces an Instant Messaging client built specifically for the K Desktop Environment.

21 Sep 2005
Create a Picture Gallery for the Internet using Gwenview
Scott Morris explains how to make a picture gallery for your website using Gwenview.

21 Sep 2005
KAppFinder: System Menu Update Tool
Scott Morris introduces a cool application that will help update your K Menu if necessary.

21 Sep 2005
System Logs: Your Key to Successful System Administration
Scott Morris reminds us that one of the essential keys to the quick location of system problems is in checking the logs.

21 Sep 2005
Game Reviews: KMines and KPatience
Scott Morris introduces two classics of desktop games, a mine sweeper game called KMines, and a Solitaire game called KPatience.

21 Sep 2005
Moving to Linux: The Paradigm Shift Explained, Part Three
In the last of the series, Scott Morris explains more of the things to expect when upgrading to Linux.

21 Sep 2005
KUser: Easy User Management in KDE
Scott Morris provides a quick tutorial on the use and application of KUser, the user management tool for the KDE desktop.

21 Sep 2005
KRandRTray: Quick Access to Desktop Configuration
Scott Morris introduces a slick tool that gives quick access to desktop settings.

21 Sep 2005
System Keyboard Shortcuts in Gnome
Scott Morris shows how to set keybindings in the Gnome desktop to speed up efficiency and improve productivity on your Linux machine.

21 Sep 2005
Kate: Cool Tips and Tricks III
Scott Morris continues his series of the ins and outs of Kate, the excellent text editor for KDE.

21 Sep 2005
Kate: Cool Tips and Tricks IV
This is the final article in a series by Scott Morris outlining the powerful features of Kate, the text editor for KDE.

20 Sep 2005
Introduction to Bash Scripting
Scott Morris introduces bash scripting and shows a simple example of how to harness this powerful tool for your benefit.

13 Sep 2005
SUSEPlugger: System Hardware Tool
Scott Morris outlines this tool that shows all the hardware installed on your SUSE Linux-powered system.

13 Sep 2005
Kwebget: Nice frontend for wget
Scott Morris showcases a nice gui-based tool that uses wget as its backend.

13 Sep 2005
YAST Installation Sources
Scott Morris shares some resources for adding more Installation sources to YAST.

13 Sep 2005
Trash Can on your Kicker Panel
Scott Morris shows a neat trick to customize KDE to make the trash can more accessible.

13 Sep 2005
Moving to Linux: The Paradigm Shift Explained, Part Two
Scott Morris continues with the series designed to help people with the move to Linux.

08 Sep 2005
Moving to Linux: The Paradigm Shift Explained, Part One
Scott Morris explains how to get used to using Linux for users upgrading from Windows platforms.

08 Sep 2005
Kate: Cool Tips and Tricks I
Scott Morris introduces the cool and useful aspects of Kate, the K Advanced Text Editor.

08 Sep 2005
Kate: Cool Tips and Tricks II
This is the second in Scott's series about Kate, an excellent text editor for KDE.

29 Aug 2005
VIM: Console Text Editor
Scott Morris provides a gentle introduction to one of the most powerful text editors available.

29 Aug 2005
Forcing Thunderbird to Open Hyperlinks in Firefox
Scott Morris provides some instructions on how to force Thunderbird to open hyperlinks in Firefox. This can be adapted for any browser you prefer.

29 Aug 2005
Running Apps from the System Tray
Scott Morris shows how, using KDE 3.4, it's easy to make an application run from the system tray rather than solely from the taskbar.

29 Aug 2005
PDFTOHTML: Format conversion utility
Scott Morris discusses a great tool for converting PDF files to HTML.

29 Aug 2005
Konqueror goes fishing
Scott Morris illustrates Konqueror's inherent ability to understand and speak 'fish', it's version of the secure shell protocol.

29 Aug 2005
KDirStat: Visual Disk Space Mapper
Scott Morris introduces a tool that gives a graphical representation of disk space usage. It's nice to have this for system administration.

19 Aug 2005
Quick Intro to Klipper
Scott Morris showcases a small utility called Klipper.

25 May 2005
md5sum Checking for Verifying Downloads
Want to verify the integrity of your downloaded files? Try 'md5sum'. Scott explains how to do this.

19 May 2005
The Basics of Messaging in the Cross-Platform GroupWise Client
GroupWise on Linux is simple and easy. Scott takes us through some of the basics.

04 May 2005
GroupWise on a Linux Machine
Are you a GroupWise user migrating to Linux? This series might just be your cup of tea!

20 Apr 2005
SUSE Linux 9.3 Professional Review 2
In an update to his previous review, Scott gives us a more in-depth walk through the features of the brand-new SUSE Linux Professional 9.3 Operating System.

20 Apr 2005
ftpd on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Scott Morris shows us an easy way to set up a file transfer protocol server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

14 Apr 2005
New Series - GroupWise for Linux
Scott Morris introduces a series about using GroupWise on the Linux operating system.

14 Apr 2005
What FTP client should I use on Linux?
Scott reviews an FTP client abundant with features yet very easy to use.

06 Apr 2005
Setting up a Linux NFS Install Source for Your LAN
Tired of dragging the CDs around to all of your workstations? Scott explains how easy it is to create a central installation source for every Linux machine on your network.

22 Mar 2005
SUSE Linux 9.3 Professional Review 2 (German version)
In einer Fortsetzung seines Reviews gibt uns Scott tiefere Einblicke in die Features des brandneuen SUSE Linux Professional 9.3 Betriebssystems.

17 Mar 2005
SUSE Linux 9.3 Professional Review
There is much excitement in the air about the new version of SUSE. Scott's review of SUSE Linux 9.3 Professional is sure to intensify the buzz.

16 Mar 2005
Move Your /home to Another Computer
Scott demonstrates how to migrate a user's settings from one computer to another.

16 Mar 2005
More Linux Games
Scott adds to the ever-increasing list of great games for Linux.

16 Mar 2005
Trick Out Your KDE Desktop
Scott takes a look at some neat ways to customize your KDE desktop.

09 Mar 2005
YAST Online Update De-Mystified
What is YAST Online Update, and how does it differ from a system upgrade? Scott explains all this and more.

09 Mar 2005
Novell Linux Desktop System Upgrade How-To
Like to keep your Novell Linux Desktop system as up-to-date as possible? Scott shows how this is done.

23 Feb 2005
Do I Have Permission?
Confused by file permissions? Scott clears up the mystery.

23 Feb 2005
Novell Linux Desktop Equivalents of Windows Software - New and Improved
Back by popular demand, Scott outlines an expanded version of the Linux Equivalents of Windows software.

23 Feb 2005
Customizing the Contacts Views in Evolution
Like to tweak the layout of your Contacts list in Evolution? Scott shows us how this is done.

15 Feb 2005
Text-Only Email in Evolution
Want to streamline your email? Scott shows how to write text-only email messages in Evolution.

15 Feb 2005
Why Consider Linux, Anyway?
Considering the current trend of migrating from Windows? Scott gives some convincing arguments for doing so.

15 Feb 2005
BZFlag and TORCS
Scott shares two more excellent Linux games.

15 Feb 2005
Akregator - RSS News Reader
Like to read RSS Feeds? Akregator might just be what you've been waiting for.

09 Feb 2005
Easy Command-Line Introduction
Intimidated by the command line? There's really nothing to it, as Scott demonstrates with this quick and easy overview.

09 Feb 2005
Installing RPM Files
"Once I download an RPM, how do I install it?" Scott answers this question for us in this brief guide.

09 Feb 2005
Message Templates in Evolution
Would you like to use message templates in Evolution? Scott shows us how in this simple guide.

02 Feb 2005
Customizing Messages in Evolution
Like to spice up your email messages? Scott demonstrates the simplicity of creativity in email correspondence.

02 Feb 2005
What are my options?
For a corporate server, SUSE Linux is an excellent choice. But what about the options for a desktop? Scott explains choices, illustrating with current trends.

02 Feb 2005
SUSE Router How-To
Want to set up a SUSE machine as a router? Scott shows us how easy this is.

02 Feb 2005
System Upgrade How-To
Want the latest and greatest of what SUSE has to offer? Scott shows how simple this is.

26 Jan 2005
NFS Saves the Day
How do you install software on a network of SUSE machines without the CDs? It's easier than you think! Scott shows us how.

26 Jan 2005
OpenOffice Calc
Scott runs through a quick intro to OpenOffice Calc, the spreadsheet application for Linux.

26 Jan 2005
Filters for Evolution
Scott takes us through the ease of setting up filters in Evolution to manage messages.

20 Jan 2005
How's the Weather?
Scott shows us a nifty little tool used to show the local weather in KDE. It's little applications like this that make using Linux even cooler.

20 Jan 2005
More Great Games for Linux
Scott continues with the search for the greatest games available for Linux.

20 Jan 2005
Setting up an Account in Evolution
Scott explains the in's and out's of how to set up your own account in Evolution.

13 Jan 2005
Evolution Reviewed
Scott continues his relentless pursuit to find the best email client around. According to this review, Evolution didn't do too poorly.

06 Jan 2005
A Little YaST Magic
Getting YaST to work without having to put CDs in sounds too good to be true... But is it? Scott doesn't think so.

06 Jan 2005
Mozilla Mail Review
Scott continues his quest to find the best email client available. Read more to find out the good, bad, and ugly about Mozilla Mail.

06 Jan 2005
Firefox Speed Tip
If you've got broadband and want to speed your browsing experience, check this out. Simple, quick, and effective.

01 Jan 2005
Remote Administration
Scott gives us a couple of solutions to working on multiple computers in a single location. Perfect for when working in multiple locations just isn't a good idea.

22 Dec 2004
KMail Reviewed
Scott Morris gives us the ins and outs of KDE's KMail email client.

22 Dec 2004
Password Security
Increasing the level of your security might not be as hard as you think. Read on to find new ways to protect yourself from potential computer break-ins

22 Dec 2004
RSS Feeds - Fast Information
Be the first to have the important information you need delivered right to your Firefox browser - real time.

22 Dec 2004
Novell Linux Desktop Equivalents of Windows Software
Ever wondered what programs can be used on Novell Linux Desktop instead of Windows? Scott gives us a nice productivity table to refer to.

15 Dec 2004
Which Email Client Should I Use?
Scott runs through some important questions you should ask yourself when choosing an email client.

14 Dec 2004
A Story of Conversion
Scott Morris tells us the tale of what made him choose Linux as his primary desktop despite his extensive knowledge of, and experience with Windows.

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