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14 Aug 2003
Cool Tool: UIHandler for eGuide 2.1
Novell's Scott Villinski reveals his genius again with this solution he wrote to keep spammers from harvesting e-mail addresses from eGuide.

11 Aug 2003
UIHandler for eGuide 2.1
XSL Stylesheet to display eGuide addresses as graphics to discourage address harvesting.

17 Mar 2003
eGuide Stylesheet Facilitates eMailing
Scott Villinski has churned out another useful xsl stylesheet for eGuide users. This one adds some eMail ease-of-use. Download it here.

08 Aug 2002
Beware of the & in Passwords
Scott Villinski shares a password gotcha.

10 May 2002
Community Notify Gadget
View all Community requests in one screen.

10 May 2002
Language Select Gadget
Let a user update their language setting in eDirectory.

09 May 2002
Login Status Gadget
Notify of how many grace logins remain.

28 Mar 2002
Simple Gadget
A simple gadget that includes source code to help you write your own gadgets.

14 Nov 2001
NetWare Login Dialog Boxes Brought up by the Print Providers
Sometimes you just want to print -- without logging into the network. Marci Orler and Scott Villinski figured out how to do just that (without being prompted to log in).

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