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15 Mar 2007
Concentrico GW Thread Sorter
A Formativ applet that properly sorts e-mail list threads by subject.

19 Sep 2006
Customizing the GroupWise WebAccess Login Page
Sean Kirby shares an approach for simplifying the default GroupWise WebAccess login page, letting you skip the language selection page as well as hide certain options and settings.

10 Mar 2005
Flagging GroupWise Directories as "Purge Immediate"
Manually flagging GroupWise directories as "purge immediate" can be time consuming and frustrating. In this article, Sean Kirkby shows two methods you can use that will automatically flag the directories in a matter of seconds.

16 Sep 2004
Life Support: Novell GroupWise Cross-platform Client
Don't miss this new article in the Novell Connection magazine. Sean Kirkby explains how to install and configure both the GroupWise 6.5 cross-platform client and the Evolution v2.0 client with GroupWise support.

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