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The Complete Works of Shane

25 Nov 2003
AppNote: iChain 2.2 - Developing a Custom OLAC Driver
Check out this great new AppNote by Shane Johns. He has provided detailed instructions on how to develop a custom OLAC driver for iChain 2.2.

24 Nov 2003
Custom OLAC Development with iChain 2.2
Source code and PowerPoint slides for custom driver.

19 Dec 2002
Troubleshooting iChain 2.1 Authentication Issues
Straight from the notepads of two of iChain's support engineers, Neil Cashell and Shane Johns, cover the finer points of troubleshooting iChain authentication issues. A must read!

19 Dec 2002
Troubleshooting iChain 2.1 Authorization Issues
These guys are good. Neil Cashell and Shane Johns dig deep into their bag of iChain support tricks and come up with some incredibly useful tools and advice for solving Authorization issues.

02 Apr 2002
AppNote Tool: iChain Java Servlets
Obtain an LDIF file with a list of schema definitions for iChain 2.0, including changes from previous versions.

12 Mar 2002
AppNote: Novell iChain 2.0 Installation and Configuration Quick Start
Don't miss this new AppNote written by Neil Cashell and Shane Johns. This article highlights new features and enhanced capabilities of iChain 2.0 and also provides a quick-start installation and configuration guide.

12 Nov 2001
Using iChain Single Sign-on with Microsoft Outlook Web Access
Don't miss this great article explaining how to simplify, secure and accelerate the clumsy, unsecured double login process Microsoft Exchange users perform when using Outlook Web Access Server. Your Exchange users will worship the ground you walk on.

06 Apr 2001
iChain Custom Development
If you are looking for info about how to do custom development for your implementation of iChain, don't miss this excellent new AppNote by a Senior Software Engineer from Novell Developer Labs.

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