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06 Oct 2004
Social Security: The Next Wave in Identity Management
With Odyssey, Novell maintains its leading-edge position in the latest wave of identity management. Learn all about what Odyssey is and how it works in this Novell Connection Magazine article by Shawn Dickerson.

19 May 2004
From the Inside Out: Taking Advantage of the New Universal Password
In this week's From the Inside Out, Shawn Dickerson, Program Marketing Manager for Novell eDirectory, makes a compellin case for the new Universal Password technology. Read about how it can make a real difference in your password integration and administration!

27 Jan 2004
From the Inside Out: Choosing a High-End Directory Service
Shawn Dickerson offers 5 criteria by which to evaluate a high-end directory service when you are embarking on a large-scale deployment.

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