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30 Dec 2004
Cool Tip: Using LDAP Authentication for GroupWise 6.5.2
Shlomo Katz shares a quick tip he discovered while trying to solve some problems he was having using LDAP Authentication for GroupWise 6.5.2. He found a new switch in GroupWise 6.5.2, /noldapx, that can be added to the POA startup file.

30 Sep 2004
Cool Tip: Fix for Busy Search Problem after Installing Microsoft Windows XP SP2
Shlomo Katz shares a tip on how he solved a problem he was having with GroupWise Busy Search after installing Microsoft Windows XP SP2.

19 Aug 2004
Fix for D107 error when GroupWise starts
Shlomo Katz shares a quick tip on how he has fixed the D107 Error.

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