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23 Sep 2003
Programmatically Checking Time Synchronization
If you've ever wanted to check for time synchronization events easily and automatically, here's some excellent advice from Novell engineer Siddharth Jagtiani.

22 Aug 2003
Why the Directory Tree Mode parameter in Timesync was Removed
As you may have noticed, the "Directory Tree Mode" parameter is not-funtional/missing in Timesync on CSP9 (NetWare 5.1 SP6, NetWare 6.0 SP3 and NetWare 6.5). There's a great reason for that. Here it is.

06 Aug 2003
Understanding the "Directory Tree Mode" Parameter
Siddharth Jagtiani gives us some insight about (and logic behind) the "Directory Tree Mode" parameter and its associated warning messages.

23 Jul 2003
Using NTPQ to Monitor NTP Synchronization
Siddharth Jagtiani explains how to use the utility ntpq to keep an eye on your time synchronization. Nice one!

17 Jul 2003
Loading XNTPD Instead of Timesync During Server Startup
Here's a cool tip from Siddharth Jagtiani that describes how to modify the NetWare 6.5 load sequence to take advantage of XNTPD -- the implementation of Network Time Protocol Version 3 (NTPv3).

24 Jun 2003
Monitoring Synchronization with NTPQ
Here's a tip from Siddharth Jagtiani to help you monitor your synchronization processes with the Network Time Protocol Query tool.

18 Jun 2003
Troubleshooting NTP Time Synchronization
Here's a tip from Siddharth Jagtiani about how he solved problems with time synchronization using Network Time Protocol.

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