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06 Nov 2002
Cool Tool: BorderManager Proxy Statistics Tool
Here is another cool tool that will scan BorderManager log files and create reports in HTML. You can get reports on the top users, web sites, file types, and more. Download it here.

21 Mar 2002
Even more fresh! Simon Begin shares this updated version of his excellent tool. This program scans proxy server common log files and creates HTML files containing a wide range of very revealing statistics, such as Top 20 Web Sites, Traffic Analysis, Top URLs for Top Users, and many more. Keep an eagle eye on the Internet usage in your system, with Simon's help.

15 Mar 2002
BorderManager Proxy Statistics Tool
Scan BorderManager log files and create useful reports in HTML.

07 Nov 2000
BorderManager Proxy Statistics tool
Come grab this very cool tool that analyzes HTTP Proxy common logs and provides very useful stat reports.

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