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Sindre Westre

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A Bit About Sindre

Advisory Board Chairman (2004) of Cool Solutions dot Com Forum.

The Complete Works of Sindre

06 Jan 2005
How to launch applications at login in Gnome
Need applications to start up automatically when you start Gnome? This little tip will show you how.

18 Nov 2004
GWGuardian - A Cool Solutions Review
Sindre Westre, former Chairman of the School Cool Solutions Advisory Board, recently reviewed GWGuardian to see how it would hold up under the pressure of a live school network. Check out his review of this anti-spam/anti-virus tool.

20 Nov 2003
Making GroupWise Messenger Available Inside and Out
Sindre Westre recently installed GroupWise Messenger for the students at his school. He explains how he set it up so the students are able to collaborate on their school-related projects, even when they are at home.

08 Nov 2002
Secure on the Outside, Open on the Inside
Need to make an extremely secure network from the Internet but allow freedom with the school intranet? We posed this question to our panel of experts on the School Cool Solutions Advisory Board, and Sindre Westre stepped up with this nice overview.

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