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03 Jun 1999
So You Want To Be Notified?
Notify is better than a clerk who runs around your office delivering mail. He also lets you know when you are scheduled for a meeting. Great guy! But if you used GroupWise 4.1, you'll notice that your clerk now has a new face. Notify 4.1, we were told, was a bit too friendly.

03 Jun 1999
Understanding Rules
Move that here. Forward that there. Delete that one altogether. Man, it's all drudgery! Your burgeoning Item List is so full you swear you can see the pixels sagging. One more piece of Spam on top and you know the sides will burst and you'll be picking icons and letters out of your keyboard for a week. But who has time to organize this mess? Well, GroupWise can help, of course.

03 Jun 1999
What's So Great About the GroupWise 5.2 Macintosh Client?
You've said all along the Macintosh can do anything that Windows can do, only better. GroupWise wants to give you ample ammunition for your debate.

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