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15 Nov 2006
Cool Blog: Relational Database Synchronization Using JDBC
Novell's Steven Weitzeil explains how the IDM driver for JDBC works, and how it adds great connectivity possibilities for your IDM system.

17 May 2006
How Novell Sentinel Enriches Novell Identity Manager
This Cool Blog by Novell's Steve Weitzel highlights six ways in which the new Novell Sentinel architecture enriches Novell Identity Manager.

03 May 2006
Sentinel - Security, Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Governance
Learn more about the architecture behind Sentinel, the flagship product of Novell's newly acquired e-Security.

27 Aug 2002
DirXML's New Reporting & Notification Service
DirXML 1.1a will have the ability to notify network administrators of trouble in the data update and exchange world. This service, called Reporting & Notification Service or NRS, will be able to send error messages in XML, via email, SNMP trap, or write them to an LDAP directory.

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