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Stig Sørensen

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16 Aug 2004
XLDAP Servlet
Servlet to access LDAP using SQL query language, with query results returned as XML.

31 Mar 2004
Running a Stand-alone Tomcat 5.0.19 on NetWare 6
For those of you out there who wish to be on the cutting (bleeding) edge of development, here is a little tip from Stig Sørensen on how to get Tomcat 5 running on NetWare. Enjoy!

02 Mar 2004
Monitoring your RAID Remotely
Stig Sørensen explains how he uses the CPE Configuration Console to monitor an IDE-SCSI RAID remotely.

14 Jan 2004
Perl to Oracle Proxy
JDBC proxy to access Oracle from NetWare Perl scripts.

28 May 2003
Zauto script
Automatically set image-safe data from DNS lookup in the Linux PXE environment.

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