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16 Dec 2003
Migrating to an Open Source Environment
Check out this hefty document from the European Commission which explains how to migrate to an open source environment for office apps. It also includes a spreadsheet that compares the costs of continuing proprietary software versus migrating to OSS over a five year period. (In case you've got bean counters to deal with...)

30 Sep 2003
What's Causing Slow Performance?
Slowdowns can be really annoying, especially when the root cause is not obvious. eDirectory has many background processes that kick in during lean times (i.e. no searches or updates). Subbu K.K. shares his personal troubleshooting methods for getting to the bottom of abnormally slow performance.

03 Sep 2003
Renaming a Directory-Enabled UNIX Server
If you're faced with renaming one of your UNIX servers (or if you plan to in the future) here are a few guidelines to help you keep your directory healthy during the transition.

10 Apr 2003
Monitoring Change Cache During Batch Update on a Replica Server
The change cache buffers all updates applied to a server that are yet to be synchronized to all its peer servers in a tree. Tracking this buffer size is a tedious procedure, but it is important to gage the load (and vulnerability) of a server in a tree.

18 Apr 2002
Checking eDirectory 8.6.2 on Solaris and Linux Hosts
Here are some super tips to troubleshoot your Solaris or Linux implementation of eDirectory 8.6.2 straight from Novell's India Development Center.

01 Oct 2001
eDirectory Cache Settings for Million Object Trees
Subbu K. K. offers some excellent tips for anyone working on high-end tree deployments.

01 Oct 2001
Bulkloading eDirectory Objects
If you ever have the need to load a huge number of eDirectory objects in a short period of time, you know how daunting that task can be. Here are some suggestions to speed up the process.

15 Jun 2001
Generating Absolutely Unique Email Addresses
If you ever need to ensure that all email addresses in a given directory are unique, this one's for you.

04 Jan 2001
eDirectory Overview
A good place to start getting a handle on the terms and techniques of NDS ... is right here.

08 Jul 1999
Create Home Directories for NDS for Solaris Users
Don't create those home directories manually - use these script tips to get the job done on Solaris.

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