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Terry Cutler
Master CNE 4,5,6 , CDE, A+, MCP, NEE

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A Bit About Terry

Terry has been with Novell since March 2001 as a Primary Support Engineer based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Since being only 26 when he got the title, he's a little uncomfortable with the "senior" bit. Theoretically, he supports 400+ NetWare servers and 50,000+ users. He is working on adding CISSP and Certified Ethical Hacker to his list of certifications, with a goal to contribute security solutions.

Terry has also worked for HP, Nortel and Drake. His expertise covers all aspects of Novell's products but most especially NetWare, eDirectory and ZENworks. When not suffering from heat exhaustion from all the PCs in his home office, he likes to practice Aikido Martial Arts, and is looking forward to the day MS gets their butt kicked!

The Complete Works of Terry

14 Jul 2005
Making Your Full SYS Volume Mount (NetWare 4.11)
What would you do if your NetWare 4.11 SYS volume filled up and wouldn't mount anymore? Here's your cool solution.

21 Sep 2000
Fixing Full NW4.11 Volume
The question is "What do you do when your Netware 4.11 SYS volume fills up and won't mount anymore?".'s your coolsolution.

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