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12 Jun 2007
Cool Wiki: GMS QuickStart
Thomas Erickson provides a detailed wiki article covering the essential elements for getting GroupWise Mobile Server up and running successfully.

15 Feb 2006
Automating DIB Collection
Make your bed, brush your teeth, collect your DIBs ... wouldn't it be nice if it were all automatic? Check out this solution from Thomas Erickson and friend - while it won't take care of your teeth and your bed, collecting DIBS could get a whole lot easier ...

17 Jun 2005
AppNote: Open Enterprise Server (OES) services security
This outstanding AppNote focuses on disabling services you do not need or are not currently using, in order to strengthen the security of your system. This document will help you recognize and disable services running by default on OES NetWare and OES Linux. Pay special attention to the Nessus Assessment reports in the appendices. This document also documents each open service/port and offers recommendations relating to those services/ports.

20 Apr 2005
Automated Uninstall of NMAS
Here's a tip from Cool Solutions reader Thomas Erickson that automates the uninstall of NMAS on client machines. Source and .exe files are included for your convenience in running the script.

09 Nov 2004
AppNote: Using RSync to synchronize data to and from NetWare servers
Keeping files and resources close to users across a WAN is important for file access performance. However, there is a great need for data integrity and availability. Today your environment may have hundreds of Novell NetWare servers across a WAN that need to synchronize data to a central office. This document will show you how to install, configure and use RSync to synchronize data to/from NetWare servers.

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