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Alan is an engineer on the Small Biz team. His hands-on DSL experience came from setting up DSL for the condominiums where he used to live. It has 24 units, and all but two are wired up and sharing the DSL connection.

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02 Jun 2000
The Basics of Installing SBACKUP
We recently got this e-mail from Perry P. and realized we needed to provide a quickie guide to installing SBACKUP. The splendid Alan Reay rose to the challenge, and we sent Perry this answer. Looks like it hit the mark: Perry wrote back and said he'd gotten everything to work just fine. So here it is. Enjoy!

12 May 2000
Editing Your Express Installation
So you think you need to do a Custom server installation in order to change Protocols, IP addresses, or Volume settings? Think again. You can actually edit your Express Installation, so you can get all the benefits and still customize a few of the default settings

21 Apr 2000
Setting up DSL on NWSB 4.2, using INETCFG
Lots of readers wrote in after reading the article on setting up DSL on an NSBS 5 server, and wondered how to do it on NWSB 4.2.

07 Apr 2000
NSBS 5 and DSL: Giving your Small Business the Internet at Blazing Speed
We've had many requests for information detailing how to connect an NSBS 5 network to the Internet via DSL. It seems like every day more of you are finally able to obtain DSL service for your business, and you're not wasting any time trying to hook it up. And with good reason. With DSL, your users can connect to the Internet at unbelievable speeds, and as we all know, if they've got speed, they will worship the guy who gave it to them. Which translates into job security, and possibly chocolate. Let's take a look at what it's all about, and how you can get hooked up.

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